Attract Your Ideal Clients on Autopilot with Facebook Ads

Are you tired of chasing prospects? Does get getting someone to LOOK at your product or service always feel like pulling teeth?

Are you fed up with inconsistencies in your business results and looking for a way to attract consistent leads by following a systematic process?

Or maybe you’re already getting some decent results with leads, but it takes up a ton of your time and you’d rather streamline the process so you can spend more time doing what’s most important to you and the things that bring you the most joy.

In this blog post, we’re going to show you a foolproof process we use with Facebook ads to take ice cold traffic and turn that traffic into red hot prospects with credit card in hand ready to buy from YOU!

Sound good? Awesome!

Let’s get to it.

You’ve probably heard by now that it takes a prospect multiple exposures before they are even consider buying. Of course, it doesn’t apply to everyone but when you understand this principle it makes it easier to design a lead generation process that can truly run on autopilot for your business.

This means you get to spend less time “grinding” and hunting down prospects and more time actually serving and catering to your BUYING CUSTOMERS’ needs.

So with this notion, the goal is to now leverage Facebook ads to get those exposures happening so you can bring your prospect closer to the sale.

7 Step Process for Generating Autopilot Leads + Sales with Facebook Ads

1. Write a Detailed Blog Post Solving a Problem For Your Target Audience

Pick a pain point that your target audience has. What is their number #1 challenge or a major problem that affects them that you can help solve?

What you want to do is create a SOLUTION to one of their biggest pain points in the form of a detailed blog post. The main goals here are to establish some authority, show your prospects that you have expertise in the area they are struggling in, and to help warm them up to you and what you have to offer.

The key with the blog post you create is to make sure it actually solves a specific problem for your audience.

For example, this blog post you are reading right now is aimed to help you start getting leads on demand with Facebook ads. By the end of the 7 steps, you will actually be able to go out and IMPLEMENT what is being taught to get results.

THAT is what you want your blog post to do for your prospects.

Remember, at this point, the people reading your post are still cold traffic and your objective is to help them see your expertise as well as build the know, like, trust factor as quickly as possible.

Final Big Tip: Be sure to include a clear call to action at the end of your blog post to generate leads. This can be a simple free offer such as a cheatsheet or value video. The key is to focus on ONE call to action so that your audience doesn’t get distracted and leave your  site altogether.

2 Set Up Your Facebook Ads Account + Install the Pixel on Your Site

Set up your Facebook ads account and place a PIXEL on your website. If you’re using WordPress, you can simply download a plugin by searching “Pixel” in the WordPress plugin directory and choosing one of the highest rated ones.

If you don’t know where to find your pixel, just go to your Facebook ads manager under “Assets” and choose Pixel. Then you will be prompted to create one and once you get it, you can put that number right into your WordPress plugin.

What this pixel is going to do is track all relevant traffic data to your site. You can even add in what are known as events later on so that you can track everything from purchases to webinar registrations. It’s a super powerful feature with Facebook ads and an incredible way to scale your business fast.

3. Promote Your Blog Post with a Clicks to Website Ad

Now you want to take the blog post you wrote in Step 1 and create a “Clicks to Website” ad for it. Yours may also say “Traffic” instead of website clicks like in the image below.

If you just installed a pixel for the first time or it’s your first time running ads on a brand new ad account, Facebook is going to need to gather some data before they can truly get you great conversion results.

The best way to do this is to start with a Clicks to Website or Traffic ad. Every time someone clicks on your ad to get to your website, Facebook is going to start gathering as much data as possible about the types of people who are interested in your content. The more people that click on your website, the more data Facebook will get. It starts to look for commonalities between all of your visitors which makes it a heck of a lot easier to get your content in front of your ideal customer.

The pixel is seriously POWERFUL! This is a tool you want in your arsenal if you are truly looking to create massive momentum in your business.

This ad you can run for as little as $5 per day to start seeing results. As the ad optimizes, you can slowly start to increase your budget if you want to get even more reach (aka more people being exposed to your brand and business).

4. Choose the Best Target Audience for Your Ad

When it comes to choosing your target audience, you want to consider two things:

  1. Is this audience SPECIFIC enough for my offer?
  2. Is this audience BROAD enough to continue scaling?

If it fits both criteria then you have yourself an awesome audience to test, grow, and scale with Facebook ads.

Another thing to keep in mind is demographic information, such as age, location, gender, and language. If your product or service caters to a specific demographic, then be sure to choose that here. Otherwise, you can leave this information as is and focus in on the detailed targeting section.

The target audience size doesn’t matter so much as the quality of the audience and the SPECIFICITY of the audience to your offer. But if you’re looking for a general size to start with, consider aiming for 500K to 1 Million people in your initial target audience.

As your ad starts to perform and optimize and Facebook gathers as much data as possible about the people taking action on your ad, you’ll then be able to branch out into even larger, more broad audiences to target.

5. Create a Custom Audience of Everyone Who Click on Your Site

Now in order to automate the process of creating multiple exposures and warming potential prospects up to you and your business, it’s important that you create a custom audience of everyone who actually visits your site.

You can also create a custom audience of people who subscribe to your list, view your videos, or engage with your business page.

This audience will now become part of your warm market and the more you get yourself in front of them, the faster you will build trust and rapport. It is all about creating top of mind awareness. YOU want to be the person or brand that a prospect thinks of first when it comes to your niche.

6. Retarget Site Visitors, Fans + List Subscribers

This is where rapport building magic happens FAST! Have you ever noticed as soon as you click off someone’s website they are suddenly following you around Facebook? All of a sudden you see this person every day and soon enough curiosity keeps bringing you back to their content and posts.

If you really want to bring in leads and sales on autopilot this is the most vital step in the process. Retargeting is going to help you follow up with your leads consistently without having to personally pick up the phone all week long to call every single person who has ever shown interest in your business.

This means that only the HIGHEST QUALITY prospects will be the ones you actually speak with over the phone. Doesn’t that sound liberating?

Wasting time with tirekickers or people who aren’t SERIOUS about going to the next level is exhausting and you will face burnout over time if you’re constantly having to hunt down people to follow up with them. Especially when you know deep down that person is trying to avoid you because they have no interest. 🙂

As an introvert, I absolutely LOVE this process because I get to conserve my energy for people who are excited and eager to get started with me.

You can retarget your audience with:

    • Videos you’ve created (more rapport building)
    • Webinars you host or pre-recorded (builds more value)
    • Free offers you’ve created (continues to help prospect solve their problems)
    • Blog posts on similar topics (shows more of your expertise)
    • Call to action to book an appointment with you (allows you to discover their individual needs)

It’s best to use a combination of these so you can really establish the KNOW, LIKE, TRUST factor in a big way.

7. Include a Call to Action That Asks for the Sale in Every Piece of Content

Do you know that a lot of people never make a sale simply because they NEVER ASK? Think about how many times you’ve shared your expertise for free or have chatted with tons of prospects sharing valuable information to help them out.

Now think about how many times during those experiences you actually asked for the sale.

At the end of the day, you’re building a business and a business depends on consistent cash flow to keep running. If you want to convert more of your leads into actual buying customers you cannot be afraid to ask them to make a purchase.

You can ask for the sale directly as a call to action in your content as well as through the email follow up process. Asking for the sale can be as simple as getting your prospect on the phone for a consultation to see if what you offer is a fit for their needs. When it comes to your warm market, you can also ask for the sale directly with a call to action to your sales page.

Keep in mind that with this process you are warming people up to the sale all along. By helping out your prospect for free and providing tons of value to help them achieve their goals, there is nothing wrong with asking for the sale. You have already demonstrated your expertise to them at this point and showed a genuine care for their results.

Now you just need to let them know what you have for sale!

What would your life look like if…

  • You had 5-10 QUALIFIED leads coming into your business every single day?
  • You never had to hunt down uninterested prospects to follow up?
  • You had more free time to actually do the things you love instead of driving around town doing presentations?
  • You could actually create duplication and help others follow you in your path?

Well you absolutely CAN have all of that and the process laid out in today’s blog post will start you down that path.

Get Your Customized Facebook Ads Funnel in Action

We work with clients one on one to help them produce a profit-generating business. What we share is a time tested strategy that when IMPLEMENTED will produce results and bring in qualified leads every day without fail.

But that doesn’t mean it’s for everyone.

You must be someone that is already building a business, have incredible drive, and take massive action on everything we teach.

If you want to fast track your results, this is the way to do it.

Click the button below to fill out our quick questionnaire and book a free consultation session with us to supercharge your results!

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5 Foolproof Tips to Get Laser Focused In Your Business

Do you struggle with staying focused on your tasks each day?

Ever write down a to-do list and then at the end of the day realized you never accomplished many of the tasks on it?

I know we have!

It can definitely be difficult at times, with the many distractions that surround us in today’s technology age, to cultivate laser focus and actually get things done each day. Especially things that will move your life and business forward.

But over the past few years of working from home full time, we have learned a few key strategies that have definitely helped us overcome this problem.

If you’re looking to get more done each day and eliminate your feelings of overwhelm and stress, then this post is for you.

We’re going to dish out our top 5 strategies to stay focused and get more done each day!

Tip #1: Separate your projects into chunks

Chunking is an incredibly effective strategy to minimize your distractions. This is a technique that we first heard of through Tony Robbins and has honestly been a game changer in our productivity. What chunking essentially means is that you take a large, more complex project and break it down into smaller, more manageable group of tasks that make sense together.

For example, let’s say you have to create a blog. Most people look at the big picture, get overwhelmed, and simply never get started because they realize there are so many different things they need to do to complete the project. With chunking, you would break that project down into smaller actions.

One day you can focus on actually setting up your blog (domain, hosting, WordPress), whereas another day you could focus on setting up the theme and color scheme. By taking the overall, overwhelming project and breaking it down into easier to manage tasks over time, soon enough you will realize you completed the whole project without feeling overwhelm or quitting altogether.

Tip #2: Postpone/Turn off distractions

Ever notice that once you log into Facebook for the day, it can eat up hours of your time? Or for you, maybe it’s another website or task that interrupts your day and workflow. Whatever the case may be, it is essential that you postpone or turn off distractions while you are  focusing on completing certain tasks.

Have a video to make? Only open your recording and editing software at the time. As tempting as it is to fill our time with fun distractions, we all know that at the end of the day it is unfulfilling to know that we didn’t finish the tasks we set out to do that day.

If you are someone who finds yourself more easily distracted as the day goes on, then perhaps the best strategy for you is to get your work done first thing in the morning before the day gets busy. This way, no matter what life throws at you, you will be confident in the fact that you finished your business tasks and are one step closer to achieving your goals.

Tip #3: Write down what you need to accomplish each day

It sounds simple enough, right? But the crazy thing is many of us do not write down the specific tasks we need to complete each day to bring us closer to our goals. This is where it is crucial to be SPECIFIC about those tasks. If you are too broad, it won’t get done!

We like to split our tasks up between personal and  business using an app called Trello. We basically have a list for each day of the week that includes the specific tasks that need to happen on those days.

Then we take it one step further and print these daily checklists out on paper to pin up on the wall. Now before we go to bed each night, we are able to look at our top tasks for the next day to be mentally prepared. If you ever find yourself fumbling around aimlessly in the mornings with clear direction, this helps with that!

Note: Don’t be afraid to split up your tasks throughout the week. It is far better to focus on a few KEY things each day than to overwhelm yourself and get nothing accomplished. 

Tip #4: Take breaks!

This one might sound contradictory, but it is so important! Don’t be afraid to take breaks throughout your day. Spend some time meditating, going for a walk, or playing a game with your child.

It can be so tempting to get sucked into a project for hours on end, but the reality is that your focus and motivation will lessen over time if you don’t take some breaks to enjoy  yourself.

Often, you will find that you actually come back to the task at hand with a new sense of determination and focus than you had previously.

Tip #5: Make income-producing activities your priority

We all know there are only 24 hours in a day. Sometimes you just might not get around to all of your tasks. This is why it is so important to focus on your income-producing tasks first and foremost.

Create yourself a list of essential daily tasks that bring you the best results, such as emailing your list, connecting with prospects, or creating a daily piece of content. Tasks that, if you didn’t complete them, would mean you likely wouldn’t make money that day. These are the tasks that should be your priority each day.

Although you may have big projects you are working on such as building your blog or launching a fan page, those are tasks that can and should be completed in the nooks and crannies of your day since they do not produce immediate revenue.

As much as I love graphic design projects, I typically tend to focus on such projects at the end of the day or once I finish my money-making tasks.

The creation of cash flow in your business will bring you far more motivation to finish your other tasks than simply working on projects that have no real immediate impact.

Hope you enjoyed our top 5 tips for getting laser focused in your business so that you can get more done and create more balance in your life.

What is YOUR top tip for staying focused? What do you do to stay on track?

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P.S. If your upline does not have a step-by-step online marketing blueprint for you to follow to generate more leads and sales in your business? If not, be sure to check this out (unless of course you already have plenty of leads) ===> Click here to get instant access

Top 4 Reasons to Bring Your Business Online

Do you own a business? Need to increase your customer base?

In today’s blog post, we’re going to share with you the top 4 reasons why you need to consider bringing your business online and how that can help your bottom line.

By the end of this post, we are confident that you will see the benefits of having an online presence and be ready to take action on making it happen.

1 – Ability to Scale

One of the best perks of bringing your business online is the ability to scale it to new levels. Unlike running an offline business only, when you leverage the internet you are able to reach a much wider audience far beyond your local city. This means you have the ability to grow much larger (and faster) than using traditional means of advertising.

Of course, in order to maximize this benefit, it’s important to make sure that your products or services can be delivered to other states or through an online format. This can take some creativity on your part. But nearly every single niche has a multitude of ways that you can create additional streams of income by leveraging the internet.

2 – Runs 24/7 for You

What’s better than a business that works for you even when you are not physically present yourself? This is another huge benefit of marketing online. You are able to set up systems, lead pages, product pages, services and more that run at all hours of the night.

By creating content (such as this blog post) or running paid advertisements online, you can literally have people finding your business across the globe even while you sleep. Talk about leverage!

3 – Precise Audience Targeting

One of my favorite advantages to marketing online is the ability to precisely target the exact type of customer for your business. Unlike traditional forms of advertising like radio commercials, magazine ads, or direct mail, advertising online allows you to get much more specific about your target audience.

Advertising platforms like Facebook gather so much market data about consumers that you are able to target your ads based on incredibly specific information such as interests, groups, websites visited, demographics, buying behaviors and more. This means that you can greatly increase your conversions while spending a lot less money to reach the right people.

4 – Cost Effectiveness

To continue on with the third benefit, because you are able to so precisely target your ideal audience, you end up spending less money putting your ads in front of the wrong people. Most forms of offline marketing can be costly and often times you have to put your ad in front of tons of uninterested prospects in order to reach the right ones.

Think about radio ads. Even though you can target based on genre or music, which can tell you a bit about demographics, that is about as specific as it gets. This means that your ad will be playing for a wide range of people and a large portion of them will not be the right fit for your business.

Online advertising platforms allow you to drastically cut that cost while increasing your ROI.

As you can see, bringing your business online can have some major advantages to simply marketing offline alone. If you are working with a limited budget and truly want to reach the best target market for your products or services, I highly recommend starting the process of marketing your business online.

If you are building your business online, what is one major benefit you have experienced?

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P.S. If your upline does not have a step-by-step online marketing blueprint for you to follow to generate more leads and sales in your business? If not, be sure to check this out (unless of course you already have plenty of leads) ===> Click here to get instant access

Common Blogging Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Are you new to blogging?

When you first get started on your blogging journey, it can be both exciting and overwhelming.

There are so many new things to learn, but yet you’re also eager to jump right in and just get started. Of course as with anything that is brand new to you, it’s common to make some mistakes along the way.

Heck, it’s common even when you’ve been doing it for a while!

So in today’s post I want to share with you some of the most common mistakes new bloggers make so that you can learn from the experiences of others and get yourself off to a strong start!

Blogging Mistake #1: Being Too Broad with Your Niche

When we started our first blog years ago, this was our #1 mistake. We started our blog with no real purpose and simply just wrote about random happenings in our life. While there is nothing wrong with that, it left little room for us to be able to grow an audience, monetize our blog, and scale it into a growing business model.

This is why it is far more beneficial to have a focused niche for your blog. Your goal is to choose a specific audience that you want to serve so that you can create valuable content that benefits them in some way. When you do it this way, you set yourself up for more opportunities for business growth.

You want to choose a niche that you are passionate about (so you don’t get bored) but also one that has enough of an interest from others with plenty of potential to monetize.

Blogging Mistake #2: Not Owning Your Own Domain or Online Property

Another common mistake is starting off using a free blog platform such as or and never making the transition to a self-hosted blog. The problem with this is that as you continue to add content to your blog and grow an audience, you will be left with very little options in regards to monetizing that content on a free platform.

In addition to that, you want to make sure you claim your own domain name rather than using one that comes with the free platform. This helps build more authority and professionalism in the eyes of your readers as well as provides you with more flexibility to scale and grow.

Blogging Mistake #3: Being Unrealistic About How Often You Will Blog

This is a mistake that affects bloggers at all levels. Often in our eagerness, we set unrealistic expectations about just how often we can commit to blogging. You really want to factor in your schedule and how long it takes you to put together high quality posts. It is far better to put out value-packed posts a couple days a week than overexert yourself and put out lower quality posts every single day of the week.

This is an individual choice and really depends upon your habits and availability. Be realistic about what you can commit to and stick to that!

Blogging Mistake #4: Using All Text in Your Posts

When blogging first started gaining popularity, it was fairly common to have mostly all text in the posts. As time has passed and technology is changing faster than ever, we are becoming a fast-paced society that likes to consume content quickly.

Adding things like images, white space, and bold headings within your posts helps your reader to be able to easily scroll through and grab the most important information. If you want to keep people on your blog longer, make it as easy as possible for them to streamline through your content without feeling overwhelmed.

Blogging Mistake #5: Not Driving Traffic To Your Blog Posts

Finally, one of the most detrimental mistakes you can make with blogging is to put all of your time and energy into publishing incredible content only to never actually drive traffic to your posts. Many people unfortunately have the expectation that if you blog often enough, the people will appear. While it is true you may gain organic traffic over time this way, it pales in comparison to the amount of traffic you can get by actually promoting your posts.

Here’s a helpful video on some different ways to promote your posts after hitting PUBLISH.

The reality is that it is up to you as the blogger to ensure that you are getting your content in front of the audience who needs it the most. This can be through social media, SEO, and even paid ads. All that matters is that you drive consistent targeted traffic to your blog.

That sums up the top 5 blogging mistakes people tend to make and how you can avoid doing the same.

Do you blog? If so, what is one mistake you have made on your journey? Let us know in the comments below!

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