Attract Your Ideal Clients on Autopilot with Facebook Ads

Are you tired of chasing prospects? Does get getting someone to LOOK at your product or service always feel like pulling teeth?

Are you fed up with inconsistencies in your business results and looking for a way to attract consistent leads by following a systematic process?

Or maybe you’re already getting some decent results with leads, but it takes up a ton of your time and you’d rather streamline the process so you can spend more time doing what’s most important to you and the things that bring you the most joy.

In this blog post, we’re going to show you a foolproof process we use with Facebook ads to take ice cold traffic and turn that traffic into red hot prospects with credit card in hand ready to buy from YOU!

Sound good? Awesome!

Let’s get to it.

You’ve probably heard by now that it takes a prospect multiple exposures before they are even consider buying. Of course, it doesn’t apply to everyone but when you understand this principle it makes it easier to design a lead generation process that can truly run on autopilot for your business.

This means you get to spend less time “grinding” and hunting down prospects and more time actually serving and catering to your BUYING CUSTOMERS’ needs.

So with this notion, the goal is to now leverage Facebook ads to get those exposures happening so you can bring your prospect closer to the sale.

7 Step Process for Generating Autopilot Leads + Sales with Facebook Ads

1. Write a Detailed Blog Post Solving a Problem For Your Target Audience

Pick a pain point that your target audience has. What is their number #1 challenge or a major problem that affects them that you can help solve?

What you want to do is create a SOLUTION to one of their biggest pain points in the form of a detailed blog post. The main goals here are to establish some authority, show your prospects that you have expertise in the area they are struggling in, and to help warm them up to you and what you have to offer.

The key with the blog post you create is to make sure it actually solves a specific problem for your audience.

For example, this blog post you are reading right now is aimed to help you start getting leads on demand with Facebook ads. By the end of the 7 steps, you will actually be able to go out and IMPLEMENT what is being taught to get results.

THAT is what you want your blog post to do for your prospects.

Remember, at this point, the people reading your post are still cold traffic and your objective is to help them see your expertise as well as build the know, like, trust factor as quickly as possible.

Final Big Tip: Be sure to include a clear call to action at the end of your blog post to generate leads. This can be a simple free offer such as a cheatsheet or value video. The key is to focus on ONE call to action so that your audience doesn’t get distracted and leave your  site altogether.

2 Set Up Your Facebook Ads Account + Install the Pixel on Your Site

Set up your Facebook ads account and place a PIXEL on your website. If you’re using WordPress, you can simply download a plugin by searching “Pixel” in the WordPress plugin directory and choosing one of the highest rated ones.

If you don’t know where to find your pixel, just go to your Facebook ads manager under “Assets” and choose Pixel. Then you will be prompted to create one and once you get it, you can put that number right into your WordPress plugin.

What this pixel is going to do is track all relevant traffic data to your site. You can even add in what are known as events later on so that you can track everything from purchases to webinar registrations. It’s a super powerful feature with Facebook ads and an incredible way to scale your business fast.

3. Promote Your Blog Post with a Clicks to Website Ad

Now you want to take the blog post you wrote in Step 1 and create a “Clicks to Website” ad for it. Yours may also say “Traffic” instead of website clicks like in the image below.

If you just installed a pixel for the first time or it’s your first time running ads on a brand new ad account, Facebook is going to need to gather some data before they can truly get you great conversion results.

The best way to do this is to start with a Clicks to Website or Traffic ad. Every time someone clicks on your ad to get to your website, Facebook is going to start gathering as much data as possible about the types of people who are interested in your content. The more people that click on your website, the more data Facebook will get. It starts to look for commonalities between all of your visitors which makes it a heck of a lot easier to get your content in front of your ideal customer.

The pixel is seriously POWERFUL! This is a tool you want in your arsenal if you are truly looking to create massive momentum in your business.

This ad you can run for as little as $5 per day to start seeing results. As the ad optimizes, you can slowly start to increase your budget if you want to get even more reach (aka more people being exposed to your brand and business).

4. Choose the Best Target Audience for Your Ad

When it comes to choosing your target audience, you want to consider two things:

  1. Is this audience SPECIFIC enough for my offer?
  2. Is this audience BROAD enough to continue scaling?

If it fits both criteria then you have yourself an awesome audience to test, grow, and scale with Facebook ads.

Another thing to keep in mind is demographic information, such as age, location, gender, and language. If your product or service caters to a specific demographic, then be sure to choose that here. Otherwise, you can leave this information as is and focus in on the detailed targeting section.

The target audience size doesn’t matter so much as the quality of the audience and the SPECIFICITY of the audience to your offer. But if you’re looking for a general size to start with, consider aiming for 500K to 1 Million people in your initial target audience.

As your ad starts to perform and optimize and Facebook gathers as much data as possible about the people taking action on your ad, you’ll then be able to branch out into even larger, more broad audiences to target.

5. Create a Custom Audience of Everyone Who Click on Your Site

Now in order to automate the process of creating multiple exposures and warming potential prospects up to you and your business, it’s important that you create a custom audience of everyone who actually visits your site.

You can also create a custom audience of people who subscribe to your list, view your videos, or engage with your business page.

This audience will now become part of your warm market and the more you get yourself in front of them, the faster you will build trust and rapport. It is all about creating top of mind awareness. YOU want to be the person or brand that a prospect thinks of first when it comes to your niche.

6. Retarget Site Visitors, Fans + List Subscribers

This is where rapport building magic happens FAST! Have you ever noticed as soon as you click off someone’s website they are suddenly following you around Facebook? All of a sudden you see this person every day and soon enough curiosity keeps bringing you back to their content and posts.

If you really want to bring in leads and sales on autopilot this is the most vital step in the process. Retargeting is going to help you follow up with your leads consistently without having to personally pick up the phone all week long to call every single person who has ever shown interest in your business.

This means that only the HIGHEST QUALITY prospects will be the ones you actually speak with over the phone. Doesn’t that sound liberating?

Wasting time with tirekickers or people who aren’t SERIOUS about going to the next level is exhausting and you will face burnout over time if you’re constantly having to hunt down people to follow up with them. Especially when you know deep down that person is trying to avoid you because they have no interest. 🙂

As an introvert, I absolutely LOVE this process because I get to conserve my energy for people who are excited and eager to get started with me.

You can retarget your audience with:

    • Videos you’ve created (more rapport building)
    • Webinars you host or pre-recorded (builds more value)
    • Free offers you’ve created (continues to help prospect solve their problems)
    • Blog posts on similar topics (shows more of your expertise)
    • Call to action to book an appointment with you (allows you to discover their individual needs)

It’s best to use a combination of these so you can really establish the KNOW, LIKE, TRUST factor in a big way.

7. Include a Call to Action That Asks for the Sale in Every Piece of Content

Do you know that a lot of people never make a sale simply because they NEVER ASK? Think about how many times you’ve shared your expertise for free or have chatted with tons of prospects sharing valuable information to help them out.

Now think about how many times during those experiences you actually asked for the sale.

At the end of the day, you’re building a business and a business depends on consistent cash flow to keep running. If you want to convert more of your leads into actual buying customers you cannot be afraid to ask them to make a purchase.

You can ask for the sale directly as a call to action in your content as well as through the email follow up process. Asking for the sale can be as simple as getting your prospect on the phone for a consultation to see if what you offer is a fit for their needs. When it comes to your warm market, you can also ask for the sale directly with a call to action to your sales page.

Keep in mind that with this process you are warming people up to the sale all along. By helping out your prospect for free and providing tons of value to help them achieve their goals, there is nothing wrong with asking for the sale. You have already demonstrated your expertise to them at this point and showed a genuine care for their results.

Now you just need to let them know what you have for sale!

What would your life look like if…

  • You had 5-10 QUALIFIED leads coming into your business every single day?
  • You never had to hunt down uninterested prospects to follow up?
  • You had more free time to actually do the things you love instead of driving around town doing presentations?
  • You could actually create duplication and help others follow you in your path?

Well you absolutely CAN have all of that and the process laid out in today’s blog post will start you down that path.

Get Your Customized Facebook Ads Funnel in Action

We work with clients one on one to help them produce a profit-generating business. What we share is a time tested strategy that when IMPLEMENTED will produce results and bring in qualified leads every day without fail.

But that doesn’t mean it’s for everyone.

You must be someone that is already building a business, have incredible drive, and take massive action on everything we teach.

If you want to fast track your results, this is the way to do it.

Click the button below to fill out our quick questionnaire and book a free consultation session with us to supercharge your results!

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5 Types of Lead Magnets to Grow Your List

Looking to generate more leads and grow your list? One of the BEST ways to do that is through the use of what’s known as a LEAD MAGNET.

A lead magnet is basically a free incentive or offer that you give away to potential prospects in exchange for an email address. It’s a win-win for everybody. You provide immense value and help another person, and in turn it builds your list.

The cool thing about lead magnets is that anybody can create them. You don’t have to be an expert or guru. You just need to have some value (or information) that solves a problem for your target market.

In today’s post, we want to give you 5 types of lead magnets that you can start using right now in your business to grow your list.

(1) Free Report

The first and one of the most common types of lead magnets is a free report or guide. The reason it is used so widely is simply because IT WORKS!

But keep in mind that the more focused your report is on solving ONE specific problem, the better it will convert.

ultimate facebook ads jumpstart guide
Here is an example of a great Guide lead magnet from Boom Social with Kim Garst

For example, rather than creating a “Social Media Marketing Report”, you might create a report called “Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Ads: How to Get 40+ Likes Per Day on a $10 Budget”. Not only is the second one far more specific in terms of the title, but it is also a very specific solution for someone looking to grow their business with Facebook.

Keep reports concise and focused!

(2) Cheatsheet

This type of lead magnet can include things like cheatsheets, mind maps, blueprints, and handouts. One thing that makes that different than reports is that they are typically shorter in length.

Just like a free report, a cheat-sheet lead magnet should solve a very specific problem. A person who downloads this type of lead magnet is looking for a shortcut answer to help them solve  a problem.

This is an example of a free Cheatsheet lead magnet that you can give away as a member of MLSP

(3) Toolkit or Resource List

Depending on your niche, this type of lead magnet can work incredibly well. Industries like real estate, insurance, network marketing, and affiliate marketing are a few off the top of my head that I know are a good fit.

One of the main benefits of this lead magnet is that it helps a person in a specific industry learn exactly what they need to equip themselves with in order to create results and success. This helps save them a ton of time, headache, and money as opposed to them doing all of the research and testing themselves.

app sumo tool kit
This is an example of a Tools Resource List that App Sumo gives away when you join their newsletter

A nice little bonus benefit to this lead magnet is that you can also use your links in the resource list if you are an affiliate for the products you use.

(4) Video Training

This is one of our favorite types of lead magnets and honestly one of the most powerful! Incorporating video into your free offer can have such a major impact on your prospect as it helps build instant rapport and trust.

This is an example of a free video training that you can give away as a member of MLSP

Video lead magnets also allow you to really give your prospect an inside or over-the-shoulder look into a specific strategy or topic. This type of strategy also tends to convert much more high quality prospects than other types of lead magnets.

Many prospects realize the time and energy put into the video training and therefore reciprocity plays a big role in the success of this lead magnet.

(5) Quiz, Survey, or Assessment

Using a quiz or assessment as a type of lead magnet is an awesome way to actually engage with your prospect and determine exactly what they want through their own feedback.

People love to be involved in the process and have their voice heard. We’ve had great success with this method and found that it also gives provides us with an abundance of new content ideas and training material.

This is an example of an assessment lead magnet that HubSpot uses to grow their list

When it comes down to it, the main thing to keep in mind about a lead magnet is that its main purpose is to solve a specific problem for your target audience. So whether you choose to do a report or video training, just focus on providing the most value that you possibly can on that specific topic.

If you do that, you should have no problem generating super targeted leads.

If you’re looking for a simple way to create the funnels for your lead magnets or you’re looking for some plug-and-play lead magnets that you can simply start using right away, we highly recommend checking out the MLSP System Funnelizer. It is included in your  monthly membership, in addition to many other tools that will be necessary when building your online business (such as a CRM and blogging platform.

What is YOUR favorite type of lead magnet? Do you find that one type converts better for you in your line of business?


Dustin & Tracy Wisnowski

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P.S. If your upline does not have a step-by-step online marketing blueprint for you to follow to generate more leads and sales in your business? If not, be sure to check this out (unless of course you already have plenty of leads) ===> Click here to get instant access

10 Red Hot Spots for Highly Targeted Home Business Leads

If you’re in a network marketing company, chances are you already know that leads are the absolute lifeblood of your business. Without them, you won’t get sales. And without sales, of course, your business won’t survive very long or at least be very profitable.

But not to worry because thankfully lead flow will never be a problem for you again after you read this post. It doesn’t even matter if you’ve struggled in the past to bring on new customers or sign up new reps into your business.

This is information ANYONE can apply to start getting fast results in their business by tapping into some hidden lead source goldmines.

What we’re sharing with you today are our Top 10 HOT SPOTS for Highly Targeted Home Business Leads. Feel free to apply one, some, or all of the strategies we share with you today. Obviously, the more action you take, the better (and faster) your results will be.

So let’s get to it:

10 HOT SPOTS for Highly Targeted Home Business Leads

1. Warm Market

I know, I know. You’re probably wondering why we put this one on here, but the reality is that your warm market can potentially provide you with some of your best prospects since it involves people who already know, like, and trust you. And don’t just limit yourself to “offline” family and friends with this one.

Your warm market can include anyone that you are connected to anywhere! Have some very active and engaged social media profiles? Maybe you have a lot of friends with similar interests on Facebook or followers on Instagram. You can easily transition “cold leads” from your social profiles into warm market connections by simply striking up conversations and getting to know new people on a personal level.

This is the NEW warm market!

Don’t limit yourself to a silly little memory jogger. If you are an online social butterfly, then continue expanding your warm market using social media. Join groups that relate to what you sell or work at home mom groups. Start reaching out and getting to know people from these groups. Engage in meaningful dialogue and ask good questions!

NEVER lead with business. Just be cool. Get to know people genuinely. Ask engaging questions. If your product or service is a fit, you will know based on how your conversation is going.

Tips to maximize this lead source:

  • Maintain and care for great relationships in your life (send notes, gifts, messages to people you care about)
  • Don’t just re-connect with people simply for the purpose of promotion
  • Ask for REFERRALS, especially when your product or service is not a fit for the warm market friend
  • Leverage social media – Expand your warm market by making new friends online who share similar interests

2. Networking Events & Meetup Groups

Even if you plan to focus on online marketing for your network marketing business, don’t be so quick to toss networking events to the side. Meetup groups with people who share similar interests and networking groups with other professions can provide an awesome resource for offline network marketing leads.

To find out what kinds of networking groups meet around your area, just pop in a simple search on Google or head over to and search for related industry groups like this:


You’ll find lots of cool groups right in your backyard where you can network, brainstorm, build relationships, and gain referrals from like-minded entrepreneurs.

The key with these events is to focus on the relationships and growing your warm market and referral base. You also want to stand out and do a few things that others are likely not doing at the event. So while they are pitching their business to everyone, here are some ways for you to shine.

Tips to maximize this lead source:

  • Genuinely get to know as many people as you can at the event
  • Never bring up your own business unless people ask you (everyone else is already pitching)
  • Collect business cards, rather than hand them out (creates posture)
  • FOLLOW UP with any new connections you made the following day

3. Facebook

With over 1 BILLION active users on Facebook, is it any wonder why so many companies have tapped into this resource for marketing? One of the coolest things about Facebook marketing is that it allows you to get hyper-targeted with your perfect prospects so that you get your message in front of the right people.

Not only can you do this with paid marketing using the Facebook ads platform, but you can also get fairly targeted as well with some free methods, such as using Facebook graph search or groups.

For example, if you are in a health & wellness company, you might do a simple search like this in the Facebook search bar:


When you click “People”, you will be shown a large list of people who fit that exact criteria. These are people who you can follow, engage, and  have conversations with in order to determine if they’d be a good fit for your business.

Another option is through connecting with members of groups that are related to your niche. For example, since our target audience is network marketers, we might head over to a group like this:


There are over 24,000 members in this one related group alone. Imagine if every day you committed to reaching out and forming a few new relationships with people in such groups. No doubt you would start to see some serious results in your business!

Between leveraging pages, groups, ads, videos, posts, and more, there are countless ways to tap into Facebook for a non-stop lead flow.

Tips to maximize this lead source:

  • Set up a Facebook fan page branded to yourself (not your company) – watch my free training on that here
  • Become a member of groups in your niche and begin networking, engaging, and sharing content with other members
  • Use the Graph Search tool in order to find highly targeted prospects and strike up conversation
  • Run Facebook ads to build your brand and generate leads


4. Twitter

Twitter is an awesome lead source that we honestly put off using for far too long. Just like Facebook, there are countless ways to get super targeted with your promotions so that you get your message in front of the perfect prospect.

One super simple strategy is to utilize the “search bar” of Twitter to find people who might be great potential customers. Let’s say that you sell protein shakes as on of the products in your company.

You can do a search like this on Twitter:


Then it will pull up everyone who recently posted a tweet with those specific words in it and you will see responses like this:



Now rather than simply replying back with a direct link to your product and spamming someone, the best solution would be to leverage a blog post or video that you create. This content can be a post that compares different protein powders and let the readers know why you chose the one you did over the others. Within that post, you would have calls to action with links to your own products and services.

When you reach out to people this way, be sure to just strike up a normal conversation and gain permission from them before simply sending them the link to your blog post. People will be much more receptive to your content and advice if you get to know them a little bit first. 🙂

The cool thing about Twitter is that it’s a super easy to method to use if you’re someone who is always on the go. You can tweet, follow, post, and connect all from your mobile phone. Talk about freedom!

If you’re someone who is constantly in motion, but always on your phone, then this could be a great fit for you.

Tips to maximize this lead source:

  • Start to build your following by following the followers of very popular leaders in your industry – watch my free training on how to do this here
  • Post consistent, relevant, and USEFUL content throughout the day related to your niche
  • Search specific keywords in the “search bar” of Twitter and strike up conversations with potential prospects
  • Have a clear call to action in your Twitter Bio for a free offer

5. Instagram

Instagram, like Twitter, is a perfect lead source for you if you have a very mobile lifestyle. Since Instagram is a mobile app, everything you do with this platform will be done from your phone.

What sets it apart from Twitter is the fact that rather than marketing with small bursts of texts (140 characters or less), you market with IMAGES on Instagram. So if you are someone who is a visual learner or enjoys sharing through visuals and images rather than through writing, then Instagram would be a great lead source choice for your network marketing business.

One BIG to convert more leads from your Instagram marketing efforts is to make sure you have a vibrant and attractive BIO. Your Bio section is where you are going to let people know more about you, how you can help them, and where you will link to your free offer.

Here is an example of ours:


You’ll see we used short, concise blurbs, lots of fun emojis, and made the call to action very clear. Applying this to our Bio DRAMATICALLY increased our Instagram lead results.

Tips to maximize this lead source:

  • Start to build your following by following the followers of very popular leaders in your industry
  • Use photo editing apps on your phone to create eye-popping images
  • Incorporate lifestyle into your posts if relevant to your niche (day in the life, working out, what I ate, etc)
  • Share tips, quotes, and inspiration to provide useful information to your audience
  • Include a CALL TO ACTION link in your bio for people to click

Instagram Cheat Sheet

6. YouTube

YouTube is a very popular video sharing site and is also a very powerful tool that you could be using right now today in your marketing to start generating highly targeted traffic to your products, services, or offers.

What is cool about this marketing strategy is that YouTube is literally owned by Google so you can imagine how easy it is to rank your own video content in their search engines. If you spend some time doing the proper keyword research, create good content, and optimize it well to rank, you will find YouTube quickly becoming one of your best passive lead sources!

Another really cool thing to note about YouTube is that there are various ways to set it up for lead generation and monetization.

You can add annotations to your videos like this:


You can add your call-to-action link to the description like this:


And you can even put a strong call to action in your banner directing your audience to a certain page like this:


Tips to maximize this lead source:

  • make sure you know who your target audience is ahead of time
  • always be creating high quality value packed content for your viewers
  • throw in a keyword in your title and description to help rank
  • add in your keyword as a tag and a few other relative ones to help rank
  • make sure to provide your viewers with strong CTA ( Call To Action’s)  on where or what to do next

7. Google Plus

This is another great social media platform that is also owned by Google and is a lot like the social giant Facebook. This social platform has so many amazing features that can really help you as a business owner get some solid brand awareness and visibility.  You can have your own profile (wall) where you can customize your own users experience when they come and see you. Honestly this is one very nice piece of real estate to have setup online in today’s market place.

One of our most powerful uses for Google Plus has been syndication. When people search for our brand and come across our Google Plus profile, they are able to see a ton of the content and videos we have created over the past few years.

Here is a small glimpse below:

google plus

This is a great asset to have if you are wanting to create posture and authority for your brand. It allows your prospects to not only get to know you but it also gives them a chance to get to witness firsthand the immense value you bring to the marketplace.

Tips to maximize this lead source:

  • Set up your profile so that when people land on your page they know they are working with a serious and committed business owner who can help them solve their problems.
    • i.e health and wellness products, etc.
  • Sync up your YouTube channel to Google Plus so that your videos get automatically syndicated
  • Add in all your different social networking sites you use for business in the bio section so that people will be able to find you all over.
  •  Create a custom wallpaper with a strong CTA

8. Blogging

This was our top choice when we first began online marketing. The main reasons that we chose blogging as our primary strategy was because it created leverage, time freedom,  passive results, and attracted high quality and super targeted prospects.

A big thing to remember about blogging is that you need to incorporate your lead generation and monetization aspects. You can do this throughout your blog posts, in the sidebar, on the home page, and even throughout the menu at the top of the blog.

Here are some examples from ours:

Lead Generation in the Side Bar of the Blog
Lead Gen & Monetization in Menu of Blog
Lead Gen in P.S. section of blog posts
Lead Generation with video on home page

What’s great about blogging is that it is something that grows with you over time and the more you put into it, the more you will get out of it. Every piece of content adds up over time and your traffic continues to grow so long as your are consistent with content creation and promotion.

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that this can tend to be a long-term strategy. It takes time to create and publish high quality content as well as to rank it on the search engines. But one way to bypass this wait is to utilize paid advertising to drive traffic to your blog posts.

Tips to maximize this lead source:

  • Create and publish high quality and optimized content on a consistent basis
  • Blog with a purpose in mind – are you blogging for leads, sales, brand awareness, etc?
  • Write each blog post around a specific keyword – put that keyword in the title and tags, as well as sprinkle related keywords throughout your post
  • To get faster quality traffic, promote your blog posts using Facebook ads
  • Be sure to include strong calls to action throughout your content and especially at the end of your posts

SEO Madman Blog Button

9. LinkedIn

If you are looking for a great social site that is built for networking professionals and you have a passion for networking and prospecting,  then LinkedIn is definitely the platform for you.  This is site is still one very untapped lead magnet hot spot.

The best part about using LinkedIn for business is the fact that everyone on that site is there for the purpose of networking, as opposed to sites like Facebook that center around social sharing. LinkedIn has great customized search features like Facebook though, which makes it great for connecting with people who share your business interests.

In the picture below, you can see that the search feature allows you to search everything from people or jobs to companies or groups. You can also notice that my profile and headline are filled with relevant keywords for my niche and target market. You want to do this so that more people can find you based on your specialties.

linkedin proof

Your goal is to get to 500+ connections as soon as possible because that will make you a “Super Connector” on LinkedIn. Basically what this means is that you will have so many connections and mutual connections, that you will virtually be able to send a message to anyone on LinkedIn. Pretty cool!

Tips to maximize this lead source:

  • Take the time to setup a very professional looking profile page
  • Make sure to include your sales letter and how someone could benefit from your products or services.
    • Remember this is your chance to sell yourself to someone who lands on your page.
  • Make sure to use keywords that are searched and related to your niche market in your headline and bio section.
  • Use the search feature to find targeted people to connect with and send them a message
  • HUGE TIP! Once you hit 500 connections on LinkedIn you are seen as a super connector and people will want to connect with you so that they are able to expand and grow their network as well
  • Make sure that you are always asking someone how you can help them in their business, whether that be sending them to a great piece of content that you found or connecting them with someone you know that might be interested in what they have to offer etc…  REMEMBER the goal is always about reciprocity.

10. Paid Traffic (Multiple platforms)

If you’ve got the budget (even as little as $5/day), you can and should start putting paid advertising to work for you. The best part about paid advertising is that once you start to really understand your target market and what they want, you can literally start to create traffic and leads on demand using paid strategies.

Some different paid sources of traffic include:

  • Facebook ads
  • Google & Bing Search engine ads
  • YouTube Video ads
  • Instagram ads
  • Solo ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Twitter Ads

As you can see, there are a TON of choices. It all just comes down to choosing which marketing channel you want to use and what type of message you want to promote.

Our preferred paid method at the moment is Facebook advertising. Some of the main reasons why we like it are because it is affordable, can be highly targeted, and it allows us to send awesome quality traffic to our blog posts and content.

Facebook ads don’t have to be complicated. Yes, they take time to learn and you will always be testing and tweaking, but don’t let fear keep you from taking action.

Here is an example of a simple ad we created to send Facebook traffic to a blog post:


Using this method is great because it allows people the chance to get to know more about you and your brand first. This helps lead to far more trust and rapport, which in turn also increase lead and sales conversions.

Tips to maximize this lead source:

  • Choose a budget that works FOR YOU and not everyone else
  • To increase leads, focus on creating high quality offers that solve your prospects’ problems (i.e. tips, cheat sheets, video guides, checklists, etc)
  • Test and tweak ALL THE TIME – split test ads, check your results, remove what’s not working, and go full force with what is
  • Make sure that your images, ad copy, target audience, and offer are all extremely congruent to increase conversions

Which Lead Source Should I Use?

When it comes to choosing which lead source and marketing strategy you want to focus on, it’s important to ask yourself two questions:

  1. Which marketing strategy (or strategies) do I ENJOY doing the most? 
  2. Have I or can I actually get results with that strategy? 

As you answer these two questions, you will quickly realize you already know which strategies you should be putting your time and energy into. You might find you have the time to commit to more than one strategy and that you enjoy them equally. If that’s the case, then by all means, implement those strategies.

If you are BRAND NEW, however, we do suggest you focus on ONE (two, at most), strategy that you really want to master and go full force with that. Once you start getting consistent results with it, add a new strategy into your marketing arsenal.

Why You Should Incorporate ONLINE Lead Generation Strategies

If you are not yet leveraging the internet to build your business, WHY NOT? There are seriously so many resources and traffic sources to reach your ideal customers that you cannot tap into with ONLY offline marketing strategies.

While there are countless reasons you should be marketing your network marketing business online, let’s think about just a few:

  • Extremely AFFORDABLE
  • Reach a massive (yet TARGETED) audience
  • Grow a GLOBAL business with customers all over the world
  • Works for you 24/7 (get AUTOPILOT leads and sales while you sleep)
  • Builds POSTURE & AUTHORITY in your niche
  • Allows customers to FIND YOU, rather than you searching for them

I don’t know about you, but those reasons were definitely enough for us to take the plunge into online marketing.

A Roadmap to Success In Network Marketing

No matter what lead source you choose to focus on or what network marketing company you belong to, there is no doubt that an abundance of lead sources exist out there.

But generating leads alone is obviously not enough.

Learning how to follow up with those leads, provide value, and convert your leads into customers and business partners are also extremely important parts of the network marketing success equation.

If you really want to follow in the footsteps of top earners in this industry, you need to equip yourself with the proper training, tools, community, and system. When we were at this point in our business and after lots of research, we chose to utilize an incredible attraction marketing and lead generation system in order to stretch our business to new limits.

We call it our marketing toolbox because it’s literally just that. Everything we need to run a structured and profitable home business is all under one roof:

High converting offers for your target market

Lead generation training

Customized funnel creator

Weekly LIVE training on what’s working now

Customizable, high quality blog platform

Community support group

Customer Relationship Manager with lots of custom features

Network marketing and mindset training

Step-by-step over the shoulder training for all the hottest strategies

Multiple affiliate income streams to build into your portfolio

This is the primary training system that taught us everything we needed to know in order to create a full-time income working from home.

Click here to learn more about this system and how we used it to start generating 20+ high quality leads every day.

When you actually apply the training and use the tools that this system provides you with, it can completely change your business. No longer will you be dependent on a company for your success. You will be equipped with all of the knowledge and action steps to grow a thriving online business that attracts the perfect prospects.

Of course, the key is you gotta take ACTION! The system only works if you work it…

So if you’re ready to take action NOW, then click the button below and get signed up.

Online Marketing Toolbox Blog Button

How to Create a Branded Facebook Fan Page for Your Home Business

Have a home business to promote?

Want to leverage a Facebook fan page to build a loyal following, generate leads,  and make sales?

In today’s video I show you how to create a BRANDED page to help you build credibility and authority, share valuable content with  your audience, and stand out from the 1000s of other reps in your company!

A common mistake I see a lot of network marketing reps make when they decide to use Facebook to market their business is that they completely brand the company they are in rather than themselves.

Why is it a problem to brand your company rather than yourself?

1. You don’t set yourself apart from everyone else doing the exact same thing.

2. It can appear spammy and turn off potentially amazing business partners because no one wants to be pitched nonstop.

3. You never establish credibility and authority because you are simply sharing pictures of products that people have seen a million times before.

Here is the thing to remember about bringing your network marketing company online. The fundamentals remain the same as offline.

It is crucial that you focus on relationships, building rapport, and providing value to your market.

Not to mention, your company probably already has their own fan page branded their products and services, so why would you want to give them all of YOUR traffic?

Some companies even have policies that forbid you from using their trademark names, logos, and wording on your own business page. So you gotta be careful with that one!

Take a look at the top leaders in every company and you will notice a trend.

They brand themselves. They share stories and value on their pages and they keep promotion to a minimum.

So why not take the safer and more profitable route and create yourself a branded fan page that highlights YOU as the focal point? You can learn exactly how to do that in today’s video.