Are You Giving Off Bad Vibes In Your Marketing?

Does it ever seem like you are taking all of the right actions….

Following all of the training…

Doing exactly what your mentor or sponsor told you to do…

And yet you aren’t getting the same results?

We have been there! In fact, we spent a few years in that very situation.

We bought product after product. Plugged into training. Took action on that training.

And yet we had very little to show for it.

Then somewhere along the line, something just clicked.

We realized that all of the action in the world meant absolutely nothing if we didn’t change one very crucial thing about the way we were doing business.

We’re going to let you in on what that simple change was…

Ready for it?

It was our ENERGY!

We were simply giving off bad vibrations in our marketing and business.

And we see this every day. People come into this industry from a place of lack, need, and desperation.

“I NEED to make this work in 2 weeks or else I can’t do it.”

“I NEED to be able to pay for my overdue credit card bills.”

“I NEED people to sign up with me or else I am going to lose everything.”

How do statements like that make you feel? Probably not very good. They just give off bad vibes, which in turn push away the very people who could help you change your life.

We understand these emotions because we have been there. But unfortunately, it is very hard to overcome those situations and build a successful business by declaring statements of lack on a consistent basis.

Your prospects will buy from people they know, like, and trust. But they will also buy from people who give off good vibes. People who make them feel confident about their purchasing decisions.

That is where your energy plays a vital role!

I go over in some more detail in this video just how crucial the right energy and mindset is when building your business.

If energy attracts like energy, which is does, then spend some time thinking about the types of results you have been attracting into your business.

If things are going great in your business, then right on! Keep doing what you’re doing.

But if you just can’t seem to figure out why you are still not bringing in the results and success you originally desired when starting your business, then I encourage you to watch my video and see where you can make some changes.

MLSP Top Earner Hangout Featuring Newest Rising Stars – Tips To Make More Money

A few nights ago, we had the privilege of being featured on a panel for the MLSP Top Earner hangout. We had a blast!

April Marie Tucker took the opportunity to grill us, along with some other amazing rising stars in MLSP. Everybody on the panel revealed their top strategies for creating massive results in business. Since it was such a casual setting, people got real! It was incredible to be able to hear the success stories of others, but more importantly, they told us HOW they achieved that success.

What I quickly noticed is that there was a certain trend among the panelists that led to each our success stories.

Watch this video now to learn what we all had in common and how YOU can create the same results for your business:

As you can see, we all had a ton of FUN! MLSP has truly provided us the opportunity of a lifetime.

If you’ve been struggling to get the results you desire in your business and lack the right community to support you, I highly encourage you to get started with us today:

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You also might have noticed that the majority of the panelists also leverage video marketing as their top strategy for fast results. C heck out the course we all used to help us crush out video marketing:

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Finally, the third common denominator among us was that LIVE EVENTS played a crucial role in our success. One event, in particular, is coming up in November. This was THE event that changed everything for us.

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We hope this inspired you to dream bigger, but most importantly to ACT on those dreams. We believe in you. Now get out there and make it happen!

To Your Success,

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How To Motivate Your MLM Downline While Still Growing Your Own Business

As you start to grow your network marketing business, one thing you quickly realize is that you need to find the balance between being a great leader while still getting results yourself. This can be a difficult thing to manage initially, especially if you are someone extremely passionate about helping others change their life for the better.

Check out my video below to learn how to I deal with this situation:

Here are my top tips for motivating your MLM downline while still maintaining sanity and continuing your own marketing efforts:

1. Have a one-on-one session with each team member right after they sign up. Find out their WHY and help them develop a game plan for marketing based on their individual goals and schedule.

2. Use the tools. There is a reason why companies put so much time and effort into creating tools for marketing. Quite simply they are duplicatable. Plug your team into company and team training ASAP so there is no confusion from the beginning.

3. Create a team culture that breeds other leaders. As your team grows in size, it will help to have other team members who can step up and help with training and coaching new people. We do this by having a private Facebook group for our team where people can plug in for support and encouragement.

4. Finally realize that a lot of people simply won’t have the same drive or goals as you. It can be hard to move on, but once you have done all you can to help someone, the most you can do is keep leading by example. Keep producing your own content, improving your marketing efforts, and signing up new team members. For those that truly desire success, your results will inspire and motivate them to start taking massive action on their own.