Top 4 Reasons to Bring Your Business Online

Do you own a business? Need to increase your customer base?

In today’s blog post, we’re going to share with you the top 4 reasons why you need to consider bringing your business online and how that can help your bottom line.

By the end of this post, we are confident that you will see the benefits of having an online presence and be ready to take action on making it happen.

1 – Ability to Scale

One of the best perks of bringing your business online is the ability to scale it to new levels. Unlike running an offline business only, when you leverage the internet you are able to reach a much wider audience far beyond your local city. This means you have the ability to grow much larger (and faster) than using traditional means of advertising.

Of course, in order to maximize this benefit, it’s important to make sure that your products or services can be delivered to other states or through an online format. This can take some creativity on your part. But nearly every single niche has a multitude of ways that you can create additional streams of income by leveraging the internet.

2 – Runs 24/7 for You

What’s better than a business that works for you even when you are not physically present yourself? This is another huge benefit of marketing online. You are able to set up systems, lead pages, product pages, services and more that run at all hours of the night.

By creating content (such as this blog post) or running paid advertisements online, you can literally have people finding your business across the globe even while you sleep. Talk about leverage!

3 – Precise Audience Targeting

One of my favorite advantages to marketing online is the ability to precisely target the exact type of customer for your business. Unlike traditional forms of advertising like radio commercials, magazine ads, or direct mail, advertising online allows you to get much more specific about your target audience.

Advertising platforms like Facebook gather so much market data about consumers that you are able to target your ads based on incredibly specific information such as interests, groups, websites visited, demographics, buying behaviors and more. This means that you can greatly increase your conversions while spending a lot less money to reach the right people.

4 – Cost Effectiveness

To continue on with the third benefit, because you are able to so precisely target your ideal audience, you end up spending less money putting your ads in front of the wrong people. Most forms of offline marketing can be costly and often times you have to put your ad in front of tons of uninterested prospects in order to reach the right ones.

Think about radio ads. Even though you can target based on genre or music, which can tell you a bit about demographics, that is about as specific as it gets. This means that your ad will be playing for a wide range of people and a large portion of them will not be the right fit for your business.

Online advertising platforms allow you to drastically cut that cost while increasing your ROI.

As you can see, bringing your business online can have some major advantages to simply marketing offline alone. If you are working with a limited budget and truly want to reach the best target market for your products or services, I highly recommend starting the process of marketing your business online.

If you are building your business online, what is one major benefit you have experienced?

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Which Online Marketing Strategy Should You Master First?

While there is no right or wrong online marketing strategy that you should master first, there are a few things to consider before jumping in full force. The first of course is to make sure you know your business goals and fully understand your target market. Once you’ve done that, your next question might be:

“Which marketing strategy should I use to reach this audience and build my business?”

With so many options available, it can be easy to get overwhelmed about where to start. Many people mistakenly believe they need to learn every type of strategy to make it work, but the truth is it is way better to stay focused on ONE or TWO strategies at most until you master them. When you try to learn and do too much at once, it tends to keep you stuck in forever student mode as opposed to action taking mode.

Which Online Marketing Strategy Should You Master First?

Are you new to marketing your business online and don't quite know which marketing strategy you should master first? In today's video and blog post, I cover some crucial things to consider before you go full force with your marketing plan. Doing this in advance can help save you a lot of time, money, and headache!Full blog post here:

Posted by Dustin & Tracy Wisnowski on Monday, March 21, 2016

Now there are a few key questions to ask yourself when making the decision about which strategy to start with.

Is there a certain strategy you prefer over others?

Our first piece of advice when it comes to choosing your online marketing strategy is to first and foremost listen to your intuition. Is there a strategy that you are already passionate about? If so, start there! You are far more likely to be consistent and take action on that strategy every day if you actually enjoy what you do.

If you are someone who has high energy and loves being on camera, then you will likely find video marketing to be the easiest method to stick to. Do you have a passion for writing? Maybe blogging is your thing. Start there and find out. Or maybe you’re a visually creative person who makes incredible and inspiring images. In that case, Instagram would be an awesome strategy for you to learn and apply.

Even though we strongly recommend everyone utilizes blogging and video in their marketing because they are so powerful in creating long-term results, there is nothing wrong with getting started with a strategy that works best for YOU in the beginning.

The more passionate you are about the strategy, the stronger the likelihood that you will stick with it for an extended period of time. The goal is to always be adding and expanding to your marketing skill set over time. You don’t need to learn or do it all in a day. 🙂

Where does your target audience hang out online?

Another thing you want to factor is where your target audience actually spends their time online. Depending on the demographics and interests for your audience, you might find that they spend more time searching Google than being social on Facebook.


For example, if I had a product geared towards teens or people in their 20s, I would likely factor Snapchat into my marketing strategy since a large portion of that site is made up of that age group. If I had a product geared towards young women planning their wedding, I might tap into Pinterest as my first marketing strategy since it is a popular social site where my ideal audience spend a large chunk of time. If I had a product geared towards middle aged men wanting to lose weight, I could run some paid ads to people in that niche who are searching for weight loss solutions on Google.

As you can see, there is no one perfect answer when it comes to choosing your strategy. It’s more important to factor in where your audience spends their time online and what interests them. Then once you know where they spend their time your primary goal is to help them solve their problems by getting in front of them with the right messages.

What are effective online marketing strategies currently being used?

It sounds silly, but when you’re choosing your strategy it’s really important to consider whether that strategy has documented results. Yes, you can reinvent the wheel and try something new, BUT when you’re first getting started, it is a much better idea to just plug into systems and strategies that you know already work.

Once you get some results under your belt with proven strategies, then you have more wiggle room to get creative and try new methods.

So what are some of the more popular marketing strategies being used right now? They include social media, content marketing, and paid advertising. Let’s cover some of the pros and cons of each.

Social Media Marketing – Organic Growth

Social media marketing involves building your business and driving traffic through the use of social media sites. These include sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.


Some of the main benefits of social media marketing are that it:

  • Costs very little (or free)
  • Allows you to reach a LARGE and diverse audience
  • Focuses on interaction and engagement
  • Creates brand loyalty
  • Fun and fairly simple to get started
  • Has a more personal feel than traditional marketing (family & friends)

Some of the drawbacks of social media marketing are that it:

  • Can be time consuming (content creation, responding to messages, etc)
  • Is more difficult to track the ROI of your efforts
  • Has the risk of inappropriate or unwanted feedback on your site


Content Marketing – Video/Blogging/SEO

Content marketing involves solving your target market’s problems through the creation and distribution of high quality, relevant, and useful content on a consistent basis. Some forms of content marketing include: blog posts, videos, powerpoint presentations, images, and more.

Typically the content that is created is also optimized to rank in the search engines which helps deliver organic (free) traffic to your site.


Some of the benefits of content marketing include:

  • You become an authority figure in your niche
  • You are seen as a trusted and reliable source of information
  • It attracts ideal customers who specifically searched for what you have to offer

Some of the drawbacks of content marketing are that it:

  • Is time consuming (content creation and optimization)
  • Has hidden costs (such as tools or services for your blog or to help you rank)

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Paid Traffic

Paid traffic allows you to drive instant targeted traffic directly to your site with the use of advertisements. Types of paid traffic include Facebook Ads, Video Ads, Search Engine Ads, Banner Ads, Pop Up Ads, and Solo Ads. 

paid traffic

Some of the main benefits of paid traffic are that it:

  • Provides instant traffic to your site
  • Can be extremely targeted
  • Allows you to have more time freedom
  • Can be easily scaled to greater profits

Some of the drawbacks of paid traffic are that it:

  • Can be costly if you don’t know what you’re doing
  • Requires lots of testing and tweaking
  • Can be risky depending on the source

Our Top Marketing Strategy Recommendation

Our current marketing strategy is a combination of blog posts with video, SEO, and paid Facebook traffic. These are the areas where we tend to focus the majority of our efforts. While we do leverage other strategies such as Twitter and Instagram for growth, they are not our primary focus at the moment.

Our biggest recommendation is to choose ONE long-term strategy and ONE  immediate results strategy to get started. It is so important to be thinking about the long-term vision for your brand and business, while at the same time we know that many people quit when the results don’t show right away.

Example 1: Blogging + Facebook Ads

For example, you could choose blogging as your long-term primary strategy.  This means you are going to learn everything you need to know about successfully blogging for your business and then apply and master those skills.

However, since blogging for the search engines takes time and is more of a long-term strategy, you could pair this strategy with Facebook ads in order to drive fast traffic and get immediate results.

See how two seemingly different marketing strategies can pair so effortlessly together in order to get the best results?

Example 2: Video + Blogging

Another example is to combine video with blogging. Like in the previous example we mentioned how blogging takes time to get results since your content needs to be found and/or promoted. One way you can promote it and get more traffic is through utilizing video.

For every blog post, you can create a video that goes with it where you can upload to YouTube which has a ton of traffic and is much easier to get your content seen. Just as you will be optimizing your blog posts, you would simply optimize a video as well and utilize the traffic a high ranking website to bring that traffic to your blog posts with a call to action in our video.

Example 3: Instagram + Facebook Fan Page

One more example for those of you who like to get creative with images. You can leverage Instagram as your primary strategy to learn and master and then link up your Instagram account to your fan page. This way every time you upload a message and photo to Instagram, you can effortlessly have it upload to your fan page as well.

Instagram can help bring you fast traffic while building your brand and Facebook page on the backend can contribute to your long-term strategy for growth.

The options are unlimited which is why it is so important to simply focus on what works best for you, your business, and your ideal audience. Once you figure that out and make the decision, go full force with your choice of strategy and don’t stop until you get the results you desire!

When you first got started, what was your go-to online marketing strategy?


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P.S. If your upline does not have a step-by-step online marketing blueprint for you to follow to generate more leads and sales in your business? If not, be sure to check this out (unless of course you already have plenty of leads) ===> Click here to get instant access