Four Home Business Success Tips to Increase Productivity

Are you a struggling home business owner who seems to be always asking yourself at the end of your work day, “why do I feel like nothing is getting accomplished in my business?”

You are not alone! I think we all at some point have not hit our goals or met our deadlines. In today’s video, I am going to give you four home business success tips to help you increase productivity and get more done.

Have a Written Plan of Action for the Following Day

In order for me to be really productive in my business over the years I have come to the understanding that you need to have a plan of action the night before. Review it before you go to bed so that you know as soon as your feet hit the floor in the morning, you are full of excitement and energy in your business.

Have a Daily Method of Operation or a Morning Routine

This is a very vital tip for you to become the most productive in your business. Having a structured morning routine will help you knock out all of your morning tasks way faster and be more efficient with your time so you can start getting focused on your income producing activities.

Take Massive Action in your Business

The next tip I have for you is to actually now go out and take the ACTIONS necessary for your business to thrive. This means not letting excuses get in your way. You have to be firm with your commitments to yourself and make sure you are showing up and taking action in your business daily.

Connecting with Your Leads and Prospects

My last tip for you is all about picking up the phone and getting to know and build a solid relationship with your prospects. I don’t know about you but if you are in the home business world and you are not connecting with at least 5 new people a day, you are not utilizing one of the top income producing activities.  In order to profit, a business needs sales and sign-ups.

I hope these four home business success tips were helpful to you today. We would love to hear from you and know what is one of YOUR top tips for increased productivity. How do you stay focused on the right tasks each day? Leave a comment and let us know below!




Are You In Alignment With What You Truly Desire?

I want to ask you a simple question…

How do you feel in this very moment? Good or Bad?

That’s it. That’s my only question.

And the reason I’m asking is because your answer holds the key to whether or not you are in alignment right now with your true purpose and desires in life. If you answered GOOD, then congrats! You are one step closer to attracting what you most desire. If you answered BAD, then we have some energy clearing and alignment to do.

Getting into alignment with your desires is actually fairly easy to do. It seems like a tricky subject to most, but the truth is that it centers around how you FEEL.

Good feeling emotions (such as joy, love, hope, passion, and purpose) put you in alignment and bring you closer to the manifestation of your desires. Bad feeling emotions (such as hate, despair, regret, and fear) pull you further away from your soul’s true purpose.

I go over this in more detail in this video:

What’s so great about getting into alignment is that it not only FEELS GREAT but it also helps you to stop striving and struggling so much for success. You’re able to enjoy the JOURNEY just as much as you look forward to the DESTINATION. A very powerful mindset shift takes place here, helping you unlock your true potential.

Your thoughts and energy are strong contributors to the success you attract in your life.

Be more conscious of how you feel throughout the day when you do certain tasks and make a genuine effort to determine what does and doesn’t best serve you and your goals.

Stay tuned for future blog posts where we will get you specific exercises to help you always get back into alignment.

Are You Failing Your Way to Success?

Are you failing your way to success? It seems like a silly question, right? Why would someone want to FAIL if their main objective is to succeed?

Here’s the thing: successful people have gotten to where they are in life because the have been willing to TRY even when they didn’t know what they were doing.

The master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried– Stephen McCranie

I got over this more in today’s video:

It might be that you are simply just comfortable and safe where you currently are. It could also be that you are afraid of the judgement that comes from others when you fail at something. Or maybe you spend your time on the sidelines simply TALKING about the things you’ve learned, the actions you plan to take, or the goals you will accomplish in the FUTURE.

No matter what reason is behind your fear of failure, the reality is you need to learn to embrace failure on the pathway to success. Making mistakes means that you are taking action. You are showing up everyday and working towards your dream.

When you “fail”, you are able to learn and improve. It is simply part of the growth process that helps take your success to new limits.

So get out there today and FAIL your way to success.

Network Marketing Tips | How To Conquer Big Goals

Network Marketing Tips | How To Conquer Big Goals


Hey everyone I hope you are having a great day!

In today’s video I talk about one of my favorite network marketing tips which is how to conquer your goals. I talk about a few of my favorite tips that will help you learn to master your goals in live a great life.

Learn a few of my favorite networking marketing tips right now!


If you have not already watch my video here.


Creating Reality Based Goals

This type of goal is something that you can already visualize and believe achieving. By doing this it makes accomplishing bigger goals more believable.

Create A Path That Leads You To Success

By creating a path and the steps that it is going to take to get to your main over overall big goal. By having this visualization you will be able to start programming your subconsious into the belief that your bigger goals are easily achieveable.

Celebrate Each Milstone Rather Big or Small

This is a big tip because you always want to be rewarding yourself and giving yourself a pat on the back when you reach certain levels of getting closer to your main goal.

Always Stay Excited About Achieving Your Goal

Now you must always be surrounding yourself arround positive people because that will help you stay excited about your goal and give you the energy and sometimes motivation to help you get back and focused on crushing it.

Use The Power Of Visualitzation To Program Your Mind Into The Belief of Already Achieving Your Target Goal

You want to always be using either a vision board, mind movies, basically something that is going to start sending visual imagery to your brain.

Do Not Let Hang-Ups And Other Let Downs Stop You From Acheiving Your Goal

This is my final and favorite of my network marketing tips. If you are letting negativity or the lack of motivation stop you when you are not feeling like you are getting anywhere. Remember that it takes time to master a new craft or skill set. So just stay positive and continue on until you have completed your goals.


Thank you for reading this blog post and watching my video.

– Dustin Wisnowski