Learn How I Do Video Seo Marketing

Learn How I Do Video Seo Marketing

I hope you are having a great day!

I created this video seo marketing topic for you today so that you could have some great tips that I use on a daily basis to help get my videos ranking in the Google and YouTube search engines.


 Tip One: Find Low Competition Keywords To Rank For

My first tip for you is to make sure that you do good keyword research using the Google keyword tool (keyword planner). When using this tool you want to search for a low competition keyword so that you have a better chance at ranking being that you most likely have a new YouTube channel that does not have that much authority on it yet.

Another cool trick that I do is put my keyword in “quotes” in the search box in youtube. When doing this you can find all of the video results of people who are trying to go after this keyword. So if you see a keyword with not that many results, then you will have a better chance at ranking using video seo marketing.

Tip Two: Optimizing Your Video Content For Ranking In Search Engines

My next tip for you is on optimizing your videos so that Google and YouTube can start finding your content and ranking it based on your keywords.  In order to do this you need to make sure to add your keyword in the title of your YouTube video and remember to make sure it looks like a good title that is catchy and make sense.  I see so many people that just put the keyword and some other words and it does not even make any sense.

Also, you want to add your keyword into the description of your video. I always follow the rule of 2 – 3 % keyword densisty. That means how many times your keyword shows up within your description.

Tip Three: Creating Custom Thumbnails To Make Your Content Pop

Now this final tip is a great one! If you would like to learn how to have your content pop and be clicked more than everyone else you can always add a custom thumbnail to your video so that you can put in a picture that is attractive and that will lead people to want to click you video!

Thank you so much for watching my video and reading this blog post.

I hope you have a great day and most of all  go out and start making fresh new optimized content today.

-Dustin Wisnowski

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