The Power of Belief – 3 Ways to Create a Positive State of Mind

We just go off an INCREDIBLE conference call with our company and could not wait to post on this subject. Our call was all about the power of belief, how your mindset affects your actions, and your actions create your life. What so many people overlook when they first get started with something is that…

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Building Rapport to Create Influence In Your Relationships

If you have ever struggled to attract new customers or to keep your existing customers coming back for more, then this is the post for you.  I’m going to give you about a simple piece of information that has added immense value to our business.  And we all know that with value comes satisfied customers and…

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The #1 Mistake Newbie Network Marketers Make

I’m going to be honest with you on this one.  The mistake I am about to reveal is something that I, myself, am guilty of doing.  In fact, I didn’t just make this mistake once, but time and time again. That is until FINALLY the message from the leaders I aspired to be made it crystal…

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