These are all of the tools and resources that we personally use to run our online business.

Hosting Plans: HOSTGATOR
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In order to actually start blogging on that domain, you need to make sure you have a hosting plan. Basically hosting allows your website to be stored online and accessible to the world. We have always used Hostgator for this. They provide 24/7 support and any time we had an issue it was resolved fairly quickly. They also have great affordable plans, including unlimited ones if you have multiple domains. You can purchase hosting here.

Domains: GoDaddy 

Email Autoresponder: Aweber

Start Your Free Trial Today!Building a list of loyal subscribers and buyers is one of the most important (and profitable) tasks you have as an online marketer.  An autoresponder allows you to collect leads in a central location and then email those leads with any important information, content, or promotions. Without this tool, you will be leaving an incredible amount of money on the table and missing out on the opportunity to attract some stellar business partners. Our current autoresponder of choice (and the one we have used for the past 4 years) is Aweber.

Some great things about Aweber are that it: is affordable ($1 for 30 days, $19+ after the trial), is beginner friendly (easy drag and drop templates), has RSS-to-email that instantly converts your blog posts to newsletters, has customizable opt-in forms that you can use on your site, and has integration with MANY third-party applications and software




Lead Capture System: Funnelizer

If you’re building a business online, you need a way to capture leads so that you can follow up with your prospects. Remember that a ton of sales conversions happen on the backend during the follow up process. Very rarely does a person purchase on the first exposure, so if you don’t capture their information there is a good chance they will never find their way back to your content.

Our top capture page creator at the moment is Funnelizer by MLSP. This tool seriously simplifies the process and allows anyone at any skill level to make beautiful and professional lead capture pages. With a few clicks, you can be cranking out leadpages for any niche, allowing you to spend more time creating content and engaging with your leads.

Link Tracker: MLSP

Perhaps one of the most overlooked parts of an online business when a person first gets started is a link tracker. If you just blindly promote your links around the internet, how will you know where your leads or signups come from once they start showing up? The more data you can collect about the link activity (such impressions, click through rate, sales conversions, source of referral, etc), the more you will be able to fine tune your marketing and increase your conversions.

Our top link tracker is also one included in the MLSP monthly membership. The reason we use this one is because it tracks every statistic we need for our business and integrates seamlessly with MLSP campaigns. You can also use it for any link outside of the MLSP system as well.

If you’re looking for a simple (or free) link tracking system to start off with, two good options are Bitly and Google URL Shortener. Keep in mind that they will not have as much detailed data and will focus on mostly clicks and referrals.

Social Media Content Calendar & Scheduler: Hootsuite

As you start to build out your brand channel, this tool will help you streamline the process of sharing content across multiple platforms and scheduling posts in advance so that you can free up more time for more important tasks.

The social media scheduler that we are currently using is Hootsuite. This tool allows us to integrate with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google so that we schedule one piece of content and it distribute to all of these channels.

You can also create what are known as “Streams” where you are able to track and respond to certain activities on your accounts, such as messages, replies, comments, shares, likes, etc. This is super beneficial if you have a busy schedule and need to manage all of your social media in one place at one time.


Graphics Creator for Marketing: Canva

canva_fb_coverAs you start to really build your online brand, you’ll quickly notice how much graphics play a key role in creating engaging content for your audience. You’ll need it for things like your branding, images you create for your fan page, thumbnails for your videos, and much more. Visual content such as photos and videos, on average, drive far more engagement than regular text posts.

What’s great is that it actually is super simple to make really sleek and professional images nowadays even with little to no experience. This is thanks to a free tool called Canva.