3 Things That Hold People Back From Building a Brand Online

Want to build an authority brand online but feel like you just can’t get started?

There is no doubt that creating a brand online is one of the most powerful ways to share value, create authority, build a loyal following and ultimately generate profit for your business.

So what exactly keeps people from taking action on their brand?

And while most people are aware of this, they tend to be held back by a few common obstacles that prevent them from ever getting started. If you have ever been hesitant about building your brand, then odds are it is due to one of these mental setbacks.

In today’s video I cover the 3 major things that hold people back from building a brand and how you can overcome them:

So are you letting one of these three things prevent you from creating your dream brand online?

3 Major Obstacles to Creating Your Brand


If you get caught up in technology struggles, outsource it! Don’t waste time trying to learn how to make the perfect blog, video, or graphics. If this is not your strength or it’s not something you enjoy, simply pay someone else to do it.

There are so many resources online today to help you get set up with the technical aspects that this should never be an issue.

Simply use sites like https://www.upwork.com/ or http://fiverr.com to get the job done.

Content Ideas

When you are constantly learning and developing yourself, you will NEVER run out of content ideas. Be a student, apply what you teach, and then share that information with others.

You don’t need to know everything to start creating content. Just simply plug into leaders in your niche, read popular websites or magazines that apply to your field, listen to and/or read personal development material, attend training webinars, share personal stories, and always take notes about what you are learning.

Then turn those notes and stories into content!

Limiting beliefs about your value 

This is probably the biggest one for most people who know they are already equipped with the right tools and knowledge.

So you already have a blog and you have a never ending flow of content ideas? Now what is stopping you?!

For most people it comes down to releasing the false belief that no one will listen to or read what they have to share. They never put their content out there because they think no one will care. They feel that since they are not already mega successful or might not have results just yet, then no one will care about the content they put out there.

But this belief is ABSOLUTELY FALSE!

You have knowledge to share that someone else can benefit from and you have a unique story that can relate to so many people that need to hear your voice. All you need to do is take the first step and start sharing it.

In the beginning, it will seem like no one is paying attention, but they are! Be consistent and the results will follow.

If this helped you in any way, be sure to leave a comment below and let us know!