5 Simple Tactics to Increase Lead Conversion on Your Blog or Website

So you have a website that brings in a decent amount of traffic (or maybe even a lot of traffic). Are those visitors converting into leads and sales for your business?

If not, this post is for you!  

You see, a lot of people make the mistake of getting so focused on simply driving traffic to their site, but forget about the crucial factor of converting that traffic into revenue for their business. If you are going to spend the time and energy creating an awesome site and getting visitors to it, then it is definitely worth your time to constantly be finding ways to increase your conversions.

In today’s video and blog post, I go over 5 simple tactics for converting high quality traffic to leads (and sales) so that you can get even better results with the effort you are already putting forth.

Produce and Distribute Quality Content Consistently

The first tip is to create and distribute quality content on a consistent basis. The key to this is to focus on content that best serves your target market. What problems can you help them solve? What information would benefit them? How can you help them?

When your content focuses on the customer or prospect, it not only shows them that you truly want to help but it also positions you as the authority in your niche. Over time as you continue to add more and more content to your blog, people begin coming back to your site as the go-to-resource. When this happens, conversions naturally increase due to the like, know, and trust factor going up big time.

Make important information & in-text offers stand out

When a visitor lands on your site, you want them to be able to easily look around and notice the most important things. One thing that we do is make our hyperlinks within our text a different color from the rest of the paragraph. This way, people who are skimming for the most relevant information will be guided to the offers and resources we want them to notice.

An example of making in-text offers stand out by changing the font color to one of your brand colors

Another thing you can do is use plenty of sub-headers and underline or bold important parts of your blog posts. People are so busy (and distracted) in today’s crazy world. You want to make things as easy as possible for people when they land on their site. Knowing that most will simply quickly read through your site, it’s important to make things stand out (when necessary).

Use a static display ad on the side

Of course one of the most common ways to generate leads and increase conversions on your blog is to have banner or lead magnets on the side of your blog. These can display on your homepage and every blog post if you choose.

Two of the main ones we promote as banner ads on our blog are our Home Business Action Guide and Free Weekly webinars. One is a lead magnet we created ourselves while they other is a free offer we are able to give away as members of a marketing community. So whether your offer is self-created or you have access to pre-created offers, you can definitely be leveraging some of your side space to increase conversions.

An example of the offers on the side of our blog

Just remember to keep it to a minimum and don’t get too crazy with the promotional stuff.

Keep the content topics and lead magnets extremely congruent

The more congruent your blog content is to the offer you are promoting, the greater the likelihood that a person will opt in to get more information. If you produce really great content, but can’t figure out why it’s not converting, this would be one of the first places I suggest looking. Sometimes simply changing your offer or creating new content that better serves that audience for that offer is all that it takes.

For example, you can write blog posts that focus solely on Facebook marketing strategies and then within that content you can link to a relevant Facebook lead magnet you have. If the content or offer are too broad, it just doesn’t convert nearly as well as stating the specific.

Have your contact information clearly visible or a contact form

This is the “personal touch” step. In today’s online world, despite being connected to millions of people, it can be easy to feel disconnected on a personal level. Now more than ever, thanks to social media, people are desiring a more personal and authentic touch when it comes to social media and doing business online.


One way you can achieve this is by having a contact form available, a chat option, or simply include your contact information on the site or at the end of each post. This allows people to get in touch with you, get to know you better, and allows them to get any questions answered. Whether you run a large brick and mortar business or are a sole proprietor, it is so important to let your clients and potential clients know that they have a place to get in touch. When people feel heard and understood, they feel safer making purchases.

In the end, there are many different ways that you can drive traffic and convert People will want to buy from you based on the value you provide as opposed to the promotions you put in front of them.

What is YOUR best strategy for increasing conversions on your blog or website?


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