3 Income Producing Activities for Direct Sales Success

Income producing activities are the backbone of any successful direct sales business.

However, far too many people never find success simply because they are focusing on the wrong types of activities daily. What can sometimes feel productive is actually nothing more than busy work. And unfortunately busy work doesn’t put much money into your pocket.

Distractions Galore

Do you ever find yourself with a list of tasks you need to get done but at the end of the day you wonder where all that time went? Whether it’s getting sucked into the Facebook news feed, trying to perfect your blog header or even cleaning up the office, there is no doubt that distractions and busy work can easily consume your time.

Information Overload

Or perhaps you are part of the crowd that gets stuck in learning mode or CONSUMER mode. You buy all the courses, attend the webinar, read the books, and yet when it comes to taking action, you FREEZE.

The good news is that no matter what side you fall on, you can easily make the shift from consumer of information to a top producer with a few small shifts in your daily routine. The “secret” to your success can be found in applying a few key income producing activities on a consistent basis.

One major thing to keep in mind is that in order to grow your business, you need to share your presentation and convert your leads into sales. Without those two things, it’s impossible to make money.

So knowing this, let’s get into 3 specific income producing activities that you can apply consistently to finally get tangible results!

Income Producing Activity #1 – Grow Your Network

Whether you choose to build your business online or offline, the principles remain the same. You must be expanding your circle of influence and growing your network each day. This could mean making one on one connections with 5-20 new people each day or it could mean running paid traffic to grow your list. Regardless of the platform you choose to grow your business, your primary goal is to continue increasing exposures to your presentation. In order to do this, you need to continuously be filling your lead pipeline and making new contacts. The more people you can get in front of your presentation, the faster you will produce results.

Income Producing Activity #2 – Share Massive Value

As you are growing your network and building your list, you also want to be creating content and massive value to share with those who expressed interest in learning more. Never simply go into PITCH mode. Instead focus on becoming an authority figure in your field and being seen as the go-to person for useful information. If you are in a health and wellness company, create videos and blog posts sharing health tips. If you are in a beauty company, create tutorials or how-to videos that help your target market with their beauty needs. No matter what niche or company you are in, you can set yourself apart from all the other distributors by becoming a person who shares value versus the person who only PROMOTES.

Another cool benefit of this activity is that as you are creating and sharing content, you can also include free offers with your content in order to build your list. As more and more people tune into your content, those who are most interested will gladly raise their hand to learn more. Use offers such as a free ebook, weekly newsletter, or videos series in order to capture those leads to build your list and follow up with those who are interested.

Income Producing Activity #3 – Follow Up & Close Your Leads

As they say, the fortune is in the follow up! However, even knowing this, so many people still overlook just how important it is.

Did you know that 63% of people requesting information on your company today will not purchase for at least three months – and 20% will take more than 12 months to buy. [Source: Marketing Donut]

As you can see, most people take MULTIPLE EXPOSURES over time to actually make a buying decision! Does that mean that some people won’t purchase on the first exposure? Heck no! Of course there will always be people who decide to purchase right away, but look at how much money you are leaving on the table by not continuing to follow up and nurture your leads.

Three of the most powerful ways to follow up with your leads include:

  1. Email follow ups
  2. Phone calls
  3. Text and/or social media chat

Obviously your method of follow up will be dependent on your industry and prospects.

What we tend to do is have a follow up series of emails for different newsletters or launches. Then we also have broadcasts that go out consistently sharing blog posts, videos, tips & tricks, upcoming webinars and training, and of course special promotions.

We also leverage the phone and text to personally connect with our most interested prospects who have left their phone numbers.

The more you can connect, engage, and serve your prospects, the more sales conversions you will start to experience.

That wraps up our top 3 Income Producing Activities! The more you start to do these activities, the more natural they will feel and the more fun you will have with it. As you start to do them more consistently, watch the results that start to take place.

What is one Income Producing Activity that you do in YOUR business each day?


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