5 Types of Lead Magnets to Grow Your List

Looking to generate more leads and grow your list? One of the BEST ways to do that is through the use of what’s known as a LEAD MAGNET.

A lead magnet is basically a free incentive or offer that you give away to potential prospects in exchange for an email address. It’s a win-win for everybody. You provide immense value and help another person, and in turn it builds your list.

The cool thing about lead magnets is that anybody can create them. You don’t have to be an expert or guru. You just need to have some value (or information) that solves a problem for your target market.

In today’s post, we want to give you 5 types of lead magnets that you can start using right now in your business to grow your list.

(1) Free Report

The first and one of the most common types of lead magnets is a free report or guide. The reason it is used so widely is simply because IT WORKS!

But keep in mind that the more focused your report is on solving ONE specific problem, the better it will convert.

ultimate facebook ads jumpstart guide
Here is an example of a great Guide lead magnet from Boom Social with Kim Garst

For example, rather than creating a “Social Media Marketing Report”, you might create a report called “Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Ads: How to Get 40+ Likes Per Day on a $10 Budget”. Not only is the second one far more specific in terms of the title, but it is also a very specific solution for someone looking to grow their business with Facebook.

Keep reports concise and focused!

(2) Cheatsheet

This type of lead magnet can include things like cheatsheets, mind maps, blueprints, and handouts. One thing that makes that different than reports is that they are typically shorter in length.

Just like a free report, a cheat-sheet lead magnet should solve a very specific problem. A person who downloads this type of lead magnet is looking for a shortcut answer to help them solve  a problem.

This is an example of a free Cheatsheet lead magnet that you can give away as a member of MLSP

(3) Toolkit or Resource List

Depending on your niche, this type of lead magnet can work incredibly well. Industries like real estate, insurance, network marketing, and affiliate marketing are a few off the top of my head that I know are a good fit.

One of the main benefits of this lead magnet is that it helps a person in a specific industry learn exactly what they need to equip themselves with in order to create results and success. This helps save them a ton of time, headache, and money as opposed to them doing all of the research and testing themselves.

app sumo tool kit
This is an example of a Tools Resource List that App Sumo gives away when you join their newsletter

A nice little bonus benefit to this lead magnet is that you can also use your links in the resource list if you are an affiliate for the products you use.

(4) Video Training

This is one of our favorite types of lead magnets and honestly one of the most powerful! Incorporating video into your free offer can have such a major impact on your prospect as it helps build instant rapport and trust.

This is an example of a free video training that you can give away as a member of MLSP

Video lead magnets also allow you to really give your prospect an inside or over-the-shoulder look into a specific strategy or topic. This type of strategy also tends to convert much more high quality prospects than other types of lead magnets.

Many prospects realize the time and energy put into the video training and therefore reciprocity plays a big role in the success of this lead magnet.

(5) Quiz, Survey, or Assessment

Using a quiz or assessment as a type of lead magnet is an awesome way to actually engage with your prospect and determine exactly what they want through their own feedback.

People love to be involved in the process and have their voice heard. We’ve had great success with this method and found that it also gives provides us with an abundance of new content ideas and training material.

This is an example of an assessment lead magnet that HubSpot uses to grow their list

When it comes down to it, the main thing to keep in mind about a lead magnet is that its main purpose is to solve a specific problem for your target audience. So whether you choose to do a report or video training, just focus on providing the most value that you possibly can on that specific topic.

If you do that, you should have no problem generating super targeted leads.

If you’re looking for a simple way to create the funnels for your lead magnets or you’re looking for some plug-and-play lead magnets that you can simply start using right away, we highly recommend checking out the MLSP System Funnelizer. It is included in your  monthly membership, in addition to many other tools that will be necessary when building your online business (such as a CRM and blogging platform.

What is YOUR favorite type of lead magnet? Do you find that one type converts better for you in your line of business?


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Five Super Simple Online Traffic Generation Techniques to Give You Daily Leads

If you are like most people in the direct marketing industry, you most likely tapped out your warm market fairly early on. While it is always a great strategy to connect with those closest to us about our opportunity, there is no question that you will need a much larger audience to reach in order to achieve the success you truly desire. Not to mention, constantly bombarding your friends and family with your product or services will get old really quickly. And we don’t want you to end up in the NFL (no friends left) zone.

This is where the Internet can become one of your greatest business assets. With millions of people logging on each day and thousands upon thousands searching for opportunities like the one you offer, it simply comes down to providing a means for such people to find you. There are plenty of people who want what you have, but if they have no way of finding you, they will find someone else and you don’t profit.

So we want to get you into the profit-making zone. And to do this is going to require traffic. When it comes to online traffic generation techniques, there are five main sources that can literally flood your inbox and voicemail with targeted leads every single day. More traffic = more potential money in your pocket!

With that, let’s get to the five traffic generation techniques that are currently ranking supreme in the online world.

Traffic Generation Techniques #1: Article Marketing

You might think that with all of the recent Google updates that article marketing has become a traffic technique of the past. This could not be further from the truth. The fact is that creating and distributing high quality, unique articles to the top high ranking article directories can be bring you laser-targeted traffic in two main ways.

One source of traffic comes from the article itself. If someone searches such databases for your topic or keyword, they will read your article and hopefully click on your call to action in the resource box. Boom! That is what you call a qualified lead. Someone was interested in your article enough to read it all the way through and take action.

A second way article marketing can provide traffic is through the backlinks it provides to your main website. Although the structure and effectiveness of certain bank linking is constantly changing, by writing many articles over time all including links to your website, you will surely start to move up the Google rankings.

Traffic Generation Techniques #2: Web 2.0 properties

The latest Penguin update hit many websites hard as SEO techniques of the past are no longer effective. However, this does not mean you should throw in the towel altogether. SEO is still and will continue to be an incredible source of traffic if used properly.

One of the best SEO traffic generation techniques right now is the use of Web 2.0 properties, such as Blogger, WordPress, Hub Pages, and Squidoo. Google absolutely loves these websites and will reward you with traffic for using them. The catch is that you must manually create and update each of the sites manually. While many people were able to successfully use black hat techniques in the past in order to simply blast such sites with spun content, this will no longer work. This in reality, is great for people who truly want to provide unique content that serves others because it will mean your quality articles and posts will rank better in the long-term.

Traffic Generation Techniques #3: Social Media

Social media websites, such as Facebook and Twitter, are huge sources of traffic and in my opinion currently reign supreme above many other traffic generation techniques. When you consider that a site like Facebook now has 800 MILLION active users, how can you not see the potential goldmine that exists for your business? Not only can you sort and target people who share your interests, you are able to create your own business fan pages, interact with people personally through your friend page, create groups to bring together like-minded people (and prospects) and direct traffic to outside landing pages with the use of Facebook PPC. As you can see, social media websites provide ample opportunities for both free and paid marketing strategies. If you are not developing leads from these sources, then you are missing out on a huge opportunity.

Traffic Generation Techniques #4: Blog Commenting on high PR sites

This is a strategy that I have been utilizing more frequently. Just like article marketing, commenting on high PR websites can help you generate more traffic in two ways. For one, if it is not a NoFollow website, then commenting will provide you with a great backlink for your page. When you fill in your URL in a comment box on such a site, your name then becomes a link which brings people back to your blog.

The second source of traffic also obviously comes from people reading your comment and clicking on your name to learn more about you and your site. The way to get more of these clicks and thus drive more traffic is to writer sincere and engaging comments that make people want intrigued to know more about you. Be sure to keep the comment relevant to the topic of the person’s blog post. Absolutely DO NOT use commenting as an opportunity to spam your business and only put your URL where it is requested.

Traffic Generation Techniques #5: Video Marketing

The fifth and final traffic generation technique I want to suggest is video marketing. Since YouTube is owned by Google, you will frequently see videos appear on the first page of results when you search for a specific term. Not only does it help you rank high for a particular keyword, but it also provides you with the opportunity to create a personal connection with a potential prospect. A video allows you to build trust and rapport almost immediately.

Even if you don’t yet feel comfortable putting yourself on camera, there are various resources that allow you to create high quality videos using pictures and text or PowerPoint presentations. One website in particular, Animoto, is great for creating such videos. You can simply upload pictures relating to the topic of your video, add meaningful text, and audio (music or voice). To rank in the search engines, be sure to include your keyword and website in the description of the video. Again, provide meaningful content that people would be genuinely interested and never use such strategies as a way to spam your opportunity. You will simply discourage people from your business or attract the wrong type of prospects.

I hope these traffic techniques gave you some great ideas to start implementing. Remember, with each of these techniques, be yourself and provide genuine substance that would interest people. Quality content attracts quality prospects. Those who join your team follow in your footsteps as a leader, and this starts with the way you attract your leads. Set that example from the beginning and no doubt you will become a force to be reckoned with!

To your success,


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