MLM Prospecting: 4 Ways to Build a Rock Solid Foundation of Belief

Do you struggle with MLM prospecting?

Feel like you are doing everything right and yet still no one is signing up for your business or buying your products?

Here is the thing:

All of the skills in the world won’t matter if you first don’t BELIEVE in what you are doing and more importantly believe in yourself.

People tend to follow those who have confidence and know where they are going. So your first objective if you want to get better at MLM prospecting is to build a strong foundation of unshakable belief. As you do this, everything else becomes easier and your success begins to grow.

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Here are 4 ways to start building that belief right now (inspired by Todd Falcone’s book, “Fearless Networking”):

1 – Surround Yourself with Success

Who do you spend the most time with? People who believe in your dreams? People who encourage you to push through the obstacles? People who are positive and focused on the future?

Or do you tend to spend time with people who complain about their day? People who are negative and pessimistic about the world?

Who you spend the most time with will dictate your results and where you go in life. The more you associate yourself with people who have what you want, the more you will start to believe in it yourself. It doesn’t just have to be in person either. What you read, the shows you watch, the radio you listen to…it ALL affects your inner belief system.

Rather than watching the news or another sitcom that you’ve seen a million times, opt for a personal development book or an audiobook that helps you improve your mindset and move your business forward. The more you immerse yourself in every free moment with thoughts and feelings of success, the closer you will bring it to you!

2 – Learn New Skills & Implement Them

In order to get better and gain more confidence, we must continue learning new skills. But what’s even more important is how we put those new skills to USE. Learning alone is not enough. It is through the application of what we learned that we experience breakthroughs and create results. Not only that, but the more you do something the better you get and the more confident you become.

That confidence will then fuel your belief system and motivates you to do even more of it. It is a beautiful cycle that keeps momentum going and makes you unstoppable.

3 – Create Results & Share the Success of Others

Building upon #2, another important thing to do is pay attention to and celebrate the results of others as well as your own! As you are taking action and increasing your beliefs, results will start to happen for you. That is your moment to share the excitement and reinforce the belief that you are capable and that this works! Success stories and testimonials are huge for cultivating belief.

When a team member gets their first lead or sign up, celebrate them. When someone overcomes a big obstacle, shout it out. When a person hits a new rank in your company, recognize them publicly. And do the same for yourself! What builds belief more than actual results? Go out there and share them!

4 – Attend Live Events

This is probably the one that changed everything for us and truly put us into massive action mode years ago. What going to events does is not only provide you with tons of training and new skills, but more importantly it puts you in an environment that literally fosters belief in your success.

To feel the energy of the crowd, hear the incredible stories of trial and triumph in person, and to hug and chat with top earners who have made an impact on your life and business is absolutely priceless. Nothing can take the place of attending live events and fully immersing yourself in the energy of it all.

If you didn’t believe in yourself before going to an event, I have no doubt that you will once you leave one. It changes you on a deep level and from that point on it is up to YOU to run with that energy and fuel it into your business through actions.

That sums up our 4 tips for creating an absolutely unstoppable belief system for your business.

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What is one thing that YOU do on a daily basis to increase your own beliefs? Let us know in the comments below!


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