Blogging for Passive Leads & Sales in ANY Niche [Plus How to Get A FREE Blog]

What would your life look like if you never had to worry about quality leads again? How would it feel every day to wake up to passive sign-ups and sales into your business knowing that you never had to beg or bother that person to talk to you? They came to YOU for a solution on their own.

It would feel pretty awesome, right?

Well the cool thing is thanks to blogging, this is absolutely possible! And you don’t need to be an expert in order to make it work.

However, stick around to the end of this post and we’ll show you how you easily gain expert and authority status in your niche even if you’re brand new.

So let’s get into why you should be leveraging a blog today in order to generate consistent leads and sales into your business and how you should go about doing that.


It helps establish you as an authority in your niche

If you become someone who consistently creates great content that helps solve the problems of your potential prospects, you will start to be seen as someone that people can go to for valuable information. Think about how powerful it is when someone searches for help on a particular topic and YOU are the one who shows up in the results to answer their questions. Only this happens with multiple people all day long. You’ll soon enough be known as the go-to person for your niche…which is incredibly powerful for sales conversions.

Here we are accepting a marketing award on stage at a big industry event. Truly grateful for the ample opportunities blogging has led us to on our journey from time freedom to speaking gigs. It can help you too!

It is a long-term strategy that can pay you for life

Unlike paid traffic which produces instant results (but only so long as you continue to run it), blogging provides a great long-term strategy that can bring you passive and residual results for life. Since your blog only improves as you content to add more content and drive more traffic, it serves as an incredible tool for long-lasting results you can count on in your business.

It builds rapport and trust with your prospects

As you build your blog and continue to add great content, your prospects will see you as a trusted source. Not only do they value your blog content, but over time they also start to value any specific recommendations you might give (such as programs, courses, products, or coaching to buy).

It establishes an online presence and contributes to your overall brand

Since you own your blog, you are in complete control of anything you want to share on it. This is super cool because it gives you a chance to get to tell more about your story, share messages that are important to you, and allows people a central place to get access to all of your best stuff. As you build a brand online, it is necessary to create a space where your prospects can find you.

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It can create multiple streams of income

Since your blog is your own personal online hub, the sky is really the limit when it comes to what you want to promote on your site. Whether you promote physical products or services, you can integrate your promotions throughout all of the great content on your blog. Some of the best ways to monetize your blog are through sidebar banners for list building, calls to action within the content, a recommended resources page that shares your top tools, a Work with Me page for potential business partners, and more.

It works for you 24/7/365 & generates passive leads and sales

This is probably our favorite one and also one of the main reasons we chose blogging as a marketing strategy. We got started in this industry because we wanted to create more leverage and time freedom. We wanted to create a life where even if we couldn’t show up one day (or many days), we could still earn an income based on our past efforts.

So think for a second how it would feel if you were out at the movies with your family and sales still consistently came in? Or you went on a vacation and business partners still joined you from finding the content and calls to action on your blog? Blogging seriously provides a great opportunity to grow a massive list of quality prospects…PASSIVELY.


How to Create a Highly Professional & High Converting Blog Even if You Have No Experience

One of the main reasons many people never embrace blogging is simply because it requires a whole bunch of technical mumbo jumbo in order to get all set up. Between hosting, domains, plugins, themes, widgets, and more, blogging can be a bit overwhelming for someone just starting off, which is why we are super excited about the recent launch of a brand-new and robust blogging platform.

MLSP Sites will now take out the guesswork and utter frustration that typically comes with setting up your own blog. They have literally done everything for us and included some pretty stellar features, plugins, and themes that will make your site look uber professional and save you $1000s.


Some of the features that are included include:

  • PRO ‘paid for’ plug-ins pre-installed for you ($3,000 value)
  • Premium Divi, Genesis, and pro WP themes to choose from ($1k Value)
  • Enterprise grade hosting ($500+ / mo at godaddy)… CANCEL YOUR HOSTING 🙂
  • HD 3-min tutorials to get ALL your blog & wordpress questions answered (literally have your hand held as you go through the steps of setting up your very own blog)

Holy Smokes! Honestly we are in the process of switching our primary blog over to SITES right now simply because our current blog has nowhere near these features.

And the cool thing is (liked we noted at the beginning of this post) is that there is actually a way for you to get access to SITES for free, as well as access to an MLSP Mastery membership for 30 days…

Watch the replay of this recent webinar to learn the details:

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Want access to MLSP Sites for FREE for 30 days?

How about pairing that with access to world class training from a multiple 7-figure earner who created his success through blogging?

For a very limited time, we’re able to give access to not only MLSP Sites blogging platform for 30 days, but you will also gain access to one free month of an MLSP mastery membership as well.

What does an MLSP Mastery membership include?


Why Mastery?

  • Instantly have VALUE to give the marketplace via the Customizable MLSP websites that brand YOU as a LEADER (extremely difficult to do without Mastery)
  • Prospects opt-in to your Mastery websites and join your list in exchange for VALUE (for example, free trainings, live & recorded webinars, etc. that are provided by MLSP)
  • You build your list & create relationships with these prospects & customers (don’t worry, we teach you)
  • Make Mastery ‘Pure Profit Product’ sales and keep 100% of the sale like ALL top earners do (this is critical!)
  • Make affiliate commissions from the 90% who will say NO to your MLM / business opportunity
  • Refer Mastery Members as an affiliate and make $100 / Member / Month
  • Enjoy the 4 PROFIT CENTERS that ALL top earners embrace (these aren’t optional, they’re essential)
  • Build your MLM / business opportunity effortlessly as YOU become the hunted instead of the hunter (Attraction Marketing in Motion)

Crazy, right?!

But we are super pumped we are able to offer this incredible deal to you! Time is ticking though so be sure to watch this as soon as possible and get locked in for an incredible journey into profitable blogging.

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