Ways to Be More Productive in Life and Business

Ways to Be More Productive in Business and Life with 5 Simple Steps

Looking for ways to increase productivity in your life? You are not alone! This is an area where many people struggle, especially with the many modern-day distractions that take up our time. The reality is that even with all of the tools meant to give us ways to be more productive, we still find ways to avoid doing the most essential tasks.

So what is it the productive people do differently? How are they able to work so efficiently, get so much done, and still find time to do the things they enjoy? You might think there are secrets they keep to themselves, but what they actually have are HABITS!

In this video, I give you my top five ways to be more productive in your business and life.

Let’s recap the five ways to be more productive here:

1. Do not multi-task

One of the best ways to be more productive is to focus on completing one task at a time. Many people tend to think that multi-tasking is the most effecient way to get things done, but the truth is that our human brains are simply not wired to work that way. When we try to do more than one task at a time, we actually cause more confusion and distraction for ourselves.

2. Schedule Your Tasks

Schedule your work for when you are most productive to avoid distractions. Are you a morning person or night owl? When do you have the most quiet time? Personally, we have found that when we knock our most important tasks out first thing in the morning, we get more accomplished. This is simply because as the day goes on, more people need our attention, whether it is the phone ringing or incoming emails. Also, you never know what will pop up during your day so if you can knock your tasks out first thing in the morning, you are less likely to find excuses to not get things done.

3. Take Breaks Throughout the Day

Take time to unplug and regroup. This is so very important! Whether you meditate, take a walk, or simply just do something you enjoy. Taking breaks throughout the day will help you boost your productivity becaues it allows your brain a chance to recharge and you will come back to tasks feeling more invigorated.

4. Develop good sleep habits

It might seem like staying up all night leads to more production, but getting solid sleep can actually boost your productivity. I know for me personally there is a certain time of night where my brain just shuts down from daily tasks. After this hour, no matter how much coffee I drink, I simply just do not think or work as efficiently. Because of this, I know how important it is to go to bed and wake up after a certain amount of hours.

5. Set goals and reward yourself for reaching them

What fun is being productive and accomplishing goals if you never reward yourself? Whether it is booking a pedicure, going out to a movie, or taking a day off to go out and do something fun, make sure that you reward yourself for reaching milestones. This will help you stay excited and motivated to continue working hard to reach even bigger goals!

So that sums up my five ways to be more productive. Follow these steps, create habits, and over time watch how much more productive you become.

So now I want to here from YOU!

What are some of YOUR ways to be more productive? Leave a comment below with your top tips!