The #1 Mistake Newbie Network Marketers Make

I’m going to be honest with you on this one.  The mistake I am about to reveal is something that I, myself, am guilty of doing.  In fact, I didn’t just make this mistake once, but time and time again. That is until FINALLY the message from the leaders I aspired to be made it crystal clear.  Network and internet marketing can seem so confusing to those first starting out. The compensation plans, the cars, vacations, and awards make us all feel like kids on Christmas morning. 

But here’s the problem.  We get so focused on the material success of the business that we start trying to sell, sell, sell.  Because the more sales you make, the more money you’ll earn, and the bigger your team will be, right?  Sort of.

In reality, pushing your product or company on people (friends, family, anyone who even makes eye contact with you) will only backfire down the road.  You may find temporary success, but you’re not building a team of the true leaders you need for the long haul.

So what is the #1 mistake new network marketers make?

Newbie marketers continuously talk about their product and company. DON’T DO THIS. 

Marketers who are business-minded and grow the most sustainable businesses focus on branding themselves and building relationships. 

Isn’t it great to think you can make a living off being YOU?  Seriously, think about it.  We are in the field of network marketing.  NOT SALES.  That means we actually need to build a NETWORK.  To do this, you must be genuine.  Get to know people.  Show interest in who they are, what they do, and their passions. 

I promise you, this will lead you to far more success in this industry than anything else. 

We’ll be talking more about branding yourself in future posts.  But for now, just remember to focus on being YOU rather than toting all of the features of what you’re trying to sell.  You’ll scare away your family and friends.  And we don’t want that.


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