The Top 9 Online Marketing Tools We Use to Build Our Full Time Business from Home

Looking for online marketing tools? For the past few years, we have run multiple online businesses. During those years, we have purchased a good amount of online marketing tools, products, and resources to help us grow those businesses. Some tools we may only need once in awhile or for special projects or we may not end up using them at all.

Then there are the tools that we use on a consistent basis to keep our business running efficiently and profitably. Since it is a question that gets asked a lot, we figured it would be a good idea to share exactly what we use on a daily basis to run our business and show you truly how simple it can be.

One of the best parts about an online business is that it requires very little overhead. With just a few simple online marketing tools, you can be on your way to creating a business that you love (and one that pays you too).

Let us save you some of the time and money we spent as well as some of the headache of testing new tools. You can use this list to speed up the process and get yourself up and running right away.

Branded Blog

If you plan to use the internet to build your business, you need a place to send traffic. Your own branded blog becomes your personal online real estate — a place where people can go to learn more about you, your business, your story, and your products and services.

The main components of a branded blog include:

  • Domain name
  • Hosting
  • Blog Platform

You want to make sure you purchase a domain that is branded to your business. If YOU are your business, then be sure to use your name as the domain (such as,,, etc).

We purchase our domains through Namecheap as we have experienced good service and it keeps all of our domains under one roof. You can buy your domain here.

In order to actually start blogging on that domain, you need to make sure you have a hosting plan. Basically hosting allows your website to be stored online and accessible to the world. We have always used Hostgator for this. They provide 24/7 support and any time we had an issue it was resolved fairly quickly. They also have great affordable plans, including unlimited ones if you have multiple domains. You can purchase hosting here.

Once you have your domain and hosting set up, you are then able to install a blogging platform (such as WordPress) in the backend of your Hostgator account.

If the whole process of setting your blog seems overwhelming to you when reading this, don’t worry! You are totally not alone. I think we all felt like that when we started blogging. The cool thing is there are solutions to help you fast track the process so that you can focus on what’s most important – actually creating content and BLOGGING.

Our current top solution for a plug-and-play blogging platform is MLSP SITES. This platform takes all of the hard work out for you, allowing you to create your blog with the push of a button. The best part is it also includes professional themes, high end plugins, step-by-step video training, and a private community of super friendly and helpful people that you can tap into if you need any help or have questions.

mlsp sites sample

An example of an MLSP Sites blog

Lead Capture System

If you’re building a business online, you need a way to capture leads so that you can follow up with your prospects. Remember that a ton of sales conversions happen on the backend during the follow up process. Very rarely does a person purchase on the first exposure, so if you don’t capture their information there is a good chance they will never find their way back to your content.

Our top capture page creator at the moment is Funnelizer by MLSP. This tool seriously simplifies the process and allows anyone at any skill level to make beautiful and professional lead capture pages. With a few clicks, you can be cranking out leadpages for any niche, allowing you to spend more time creating content and engaging with your leads.


A sample of Funnelizer Templates

Customer Relations Management System

Every type of business, whether it be a brick and mortar type or working from home, you need to have a system in place to store relevant information about your leads, clients, and business partners. This can include contact information, notes about a conversation you had, or information about purchases they have made with you.

Having a CRM system in place helps you stand out from the competition and allows you to build a closer relationship with your clients.

Our CRM of choice is actually one that is included in a monthly membership with some of the other online marketing tools we mentioned here. It is the CRM system that you get with an MLSP membership.

Some of the major benefits of this tool include:

  • Online cloud database storage with secure 24/7 access
  • Easily search by clients:
    • first and last names, emails and even phone numbers
  • Create custom email templates with your own pre-written copy
    • you can also send these emails with a simple mouse click to your leads
  • Sync all social media accounts to help really keep you connected:
    • facebook
    • twitter
    • linkedin
    • google +
    • youtube
    • pinterest

Because this tool is under the MLSP system you also have the major benefit of the CRM already tracked within MLSP’s very own tracking system. You can add in the source and place where you connected with them and if you have set up tracking it will automatically update the correct source for you. Really useful for split testing!

Another really nifty feature is the built in scheduler so you can set up professional business meetings with your clients, email them an automated webinar, or invite them to a weekly marketing webinar, as well as much more.

If you are serious about building your business to the 6-figure level and beyond, this is a tool I would definitely recommend checking out.


Of course, along with having a way to capture leads, you will also need a place to store those leads and follow up with them through email broadcasts. Without this tool, you will be leaving an incredible amount of money on the table and missing out on the opportunity to attract some stellar business partners.

Our current autoresponder of choice (and the one we have used for the past 4 years) is Aweber.  

Some great things about Aweber are that it is:

  • Affordable ($1 for 30 days, $19+ after the trial)
  • Beginner friendly (easy drag and drop templates)
  • RSS-to-email that instantly converts your blog posts to newsletters
  • Customizable opt-in forms that you can use on your site
  • Integration with MANY third-party applications and software

You can get a 30 day trial here.

Graphics Creator for Marketing

As you start to really build your online brand, you’ll quickly notice how much graphics play a key role in creating engaging content for your audience. You’ll need it for things like your branding, images you create for your fan page, thumbnails for your videos, and much more. Visual content such as photos and videos, on average, drive far more engagement than regular text posts.

What’s great is that it actually is super simple to make really sleek and professional images nowadays even with little to no experience. This is thanks to a free tool called Canva.


We actually created a training video a while back that shows you a 3-step process for creating eye-popping images with Canva. You can watch that video here and see one of the major ways that we use it.

Link Tracker (MLSP or Bitly)

Perhaps one of the most overlooked parts of an online business when a person first gets started is a link tracker. If you just blindly promote your links around the internet, how will you know where your leads or signups come from once they start showing up? The more data you can collect about the link activity (such impressions, click through rate, sales conversions, source of referral, etc), the more you will be able to fine tune your marketing and increase your conversions.

Our top link tracker is also one included in the MLSP monthly membership. The reason we use this one is because it tracks every statistic we need for our business and integrates seamlessly with MLSP campaigns. You can also use it for any link outside of the MLSP system as well.

If you’re looking for a simple (or free) link tracking system to start off with, two good options are Bitly and Google URL Shortener. Keep in mind that they will not have as much detailed data and will focus on mostly clicks and referrals.

Webinar Platform

A webinar platform will serve two big purposes for your business. It will allow you to hold online team meetings and hangouts where you share new strategies. It will also allow you to run public webinars where you can train on various topics and sell your products or services.

It may seem daunting to think about using a webinar platform if you’ve never hosted a webinar before, but it’s honestly something that anybody can do and it will be necessary as your business starts to grow and you have more and more people to reach.

Our preferred webinar platform at the moment is Webinars on Air.  We enjoy the simplicity, affordability, and ease to use with this tool. Some of its major features include being able to host paid webinars, selling your products with a click of the button at the end of the webinar, capture leads that integrate with your autoresponder, share your screen or Powerpoint, and more.

Social Media Content Calendar & Scheduler

Our final marketing tool to make the list is a social media content scheduler. As you start to build out your brand channel, this tool will help you streamline the process of sharing content across multiple platforms and scheduling posts in advance so that you can free up more time for more important tasks.

The social media scheduler that we are currently using is Hootsuite. This tool allows us to integrate with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google so that we schedule one piece of content and it distribute to all of these channels.

You can also create what are known as “Streams” where you are able to track and respond to certain activities on your accounts, such as messages, replies, comments, shares, likes, etc. This is super beneficial if you have a busy schedule and need to manage all of your social media in one place at one time.

Sign up for a free 30-day trial of Hootsuite Pro.


This sums up our list of the Top 9 Online Marketing Tools that we use on a consistent basis to run a full-time business from home. As you can tell, 4 out of the 9 tools we use are actually all included in a single monthly membership with one company (MLSP), which is one of the main reasons we’ve been with them for years.

If you currently run an online business yourself, what are your most essential go-to online marketing tools?


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